Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Ornament Review: Inside Story #3 - Santa and Squirrel - 2018 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute scene creatively displayed
Cons: It's the last in this series
The Bottom Line:
Santa gives present
As series comes to an end
Goes out with cute piece

Santa's Inside the Final in this Series

For better or worse, Hallmark has started announcing how many years some series will run.  The idea behind it being that someone might start a series if they know it will only run a certain number of years.  However, those of us who fall in love with a series are always disappointed when the series ends.  That's me this year.  Inside Story was always supposed to be a three year series, and it is ending with another fun ornament this year.

The ornaments in this series all feature a scene inside a traditional ornament shape.  I'm honestly not sure what the shape of this year's ornament is called.  I know I've seen it before.  It has a round center with pointed ovals on the top and bottom of the piece.  The outside is a sea green; it's pretty, and it won't blend into your tree too much.

The scene is in the middle circle, and features Santa.  He's standing next to a decorated Christmas tree.  The scene is outside, and the ground and tree and both covered in snow.  In front of the tree is a squirrel, and Santa is holding a present for the squirrel – a sack of nuts.

Once again, this is a very cute scene.  The tree is tall enough that it goes from the bottom to the top of the space, but is still skinny enough that the rest of the scene fits okay.  Like others in the series, the fact that it is inside a round ball makes the back of the scene slope up, but it doesn't distort the scene this year at all.

Since the ornament has a pointed bottom, you have to hang it.  That's no issue, however, since the bottom hangs straight.

My sadness at seeing this series end is lessened by the fact that they do have a few other similar series that I collect and enjoy.  Still, it is great that Inside Story goes out on such a nice note.

You can now get the complete Inside Story ornament series.

Original Price: $19.99

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