Friday, November 2, 2018

Ornament Review: Thru the Mirror - Mickey's Movie Mousterpieces #7 - 2018 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Captures a fun moment from a classic short
Cons: Too big
The Bottom Line:
Early Mickey short
Captured larger than should be
Overall still fun

Mickey's Sporting Quite the Peacock Card Tail

I've been enjoying the trip through Mickey's many movie roles thanks to Hallmark's Mickey's Movie Mousterpieces ornament series.  We get another classic with this year's Thru the Mirror ornament.  I just wish it weren't quite so big.

For those unfamiliar with this 1936 black and white short, it features Mickey in the role of Alice in Through the Looking Glass.  Okay, so the seven-minute cartoon doesn't have the entire book, but it does pick a few key moments from this lesser known sequel, and near the beginning, Mickey is dancing with a deck of cards.  They fan out behind him and we get this wonderful image that has been captured in the ornament.

Now, before you are worried I'm going to be talking about a black and white ornament, never fear, this ornament is in full color, which really just means that red and yellow have been added.  This is Mickey, after all, and his is mostly black, white, and red with yellow shoes.  Likewise, the cards fanning out behind him are mostly white with red or black symbols on them as appropriate.  We don't need more color than this, and it looks perfect just as it is.

However, it's not perfect overall.  It is too big for my taste.  This is an issue I had with the Disney/Pixar Legends series as well.  Just reducing this ornament overall by a quarter would make a huge difference in how it looks to me, especially when lined up next to the rest of the series.  But that is my only complaint with the ornament.

The cards make Mickey back heavy.  If you try to set Mickey out to be displayed, you’ll quickly find that he tips backwards.  The loop for hanging the ornament is attached to the front of one of the cards, and it shows that the ornament is ultimately well balanced since it hangs straignt.

Yes, you'll find the series marker on one of Mickey's feet.  But this series also includes a little extra - you'll find the name of the short and the year it was released in theaters on the bottom of the other foot.  This is painted on and fairly easy to see, but it isn't in a spot where it will be too obvious when hanging on your tree.

Even though I think the ornament is too big, I am still glad to have Thru the Mirror in my collection.  I just hope the series is a little smaller going forward.

Original Price: $12.99

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