Saturday, November 3, 2018

November 3rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

A bit busier than normal, but I still got through everything.  Of course, I got through a chunk of this list last night.

Supergirl – They did a good job of making us understand where the villain is coming from.  Oh, I’m not saying he is right, but we can understand where he would reach the hatred he would.  And, I’m sorry, but there should be more done about the stuff his family has been through.  Of course, being nothing but a flashback, it certainly made for a rather dull episode as well.

God Friended Me – I was curious how the disappearance of the God account would play out.  Yes, I get that it allowed Miles to realize how much he likes having the account, but I feel like it was a bit anti-climatic in some ways.  I hope we have turned a bit of a corner now that he has friended “God.”  I’m shocked that Jaya is heading out of town.  I guess she was a guest star and not a series regular like I assumed.

Dancing with the Stars – I’m sorry to see Mary Lou go.  I was hoping she would stick around for a few more weeks, although I’m not surprised she didn’t make the finals.  Meanwhile, is John going to be gone next week?  Joe’s big improvement should keep him safe again since he hasn’t been in jeopardy yet.  I would be surprised if he makes the finals, although he clearly has a large fan base that is keeping him going.

Arrow – This season is going about how I expected it to.  I’m not happy we are fighting Diaz for a second time.  And I’m really bored with Oliver in prison.  At least we didn’t have any flashforwards to make things even worse.

Legends of Tomorrow – Nate staying in the present is an interesting development.  I wonder just where they are going with his relationship with his father.  Ava is still driving me insane.  I really want her to get smarter very quickly.  However, this fairy godmother demon was a hoot.  Obviously taking some jabs at Disney there, and I was laughing at every one of them.

The Flash – When Nora first showed up, I figured she was cold to Iris just because she was so happy to have her dad in her life.  Yes, it was beginning to seem like more than that, but I never expected something like this.  I love how Barry is being supportive.  Was Iris just trying to keep Nora from getting hurt and losing her after Barry vanished?  Or is there something else?  Tech with powers will make for an interesting twist this season.  And the new Wells grew on me a bit this week, as he usually does.

This is Us – Several developments I was expecting.  Glad Beth came clean about how she is feeling.  Not surprised that she is going to work with Randall.  Toby is slowly getting better, or at least I think he is.  Loved Kate’s phone calls with Rebecca.  And, of course, Kevin was going to head to Vietnam.  I’m really wondering where that story is going to go.

The Rookie – The soap opera is still getting to me, but I am coming to like the characters.  I think if I were hurting for shows, I would probably stick with this one, but since I don’t have time to keep up with everything anyway, I’m going to stop this one here.

Survivor – Wow, that last challenge wasn’t even close.  But I’m surprised at just how the Davids have managed to not only hang on but make this close.  The odds were definitely stacked against them, but it isn’t going to be a blood bath.  Or, at least if it is a blood bath, it will be because of lost of twists and turns and not a predictable next few weeks.

Big Bang Theory – That was a pretty good episode.  Leonard’s decision was fairly obvious in hindsight.  Can’t believe I didn’t see it coming.  But I loved the ending of Bernadette’s storyline.  Sweet and funny at the same time.

Good Place – Tahani got the line of the night, the one about chocking her sister, and I laughed way harder at it than it deserved.  I actually liked seeing how she figured out what was wrong with her relationship with her sister.  I also liked seeing Elinore help her mother on this new, better path.  So, what will come of Michael’s revelation at the end?

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