Saturday, November 17, 2018

Ornament Review: Mickey's 90th - 2018 Disney Store Release

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Creative idea
Cons: Execution doesn’t let us truly see everything
The Bottom Line:
Celebrate ninety
Good idea, poor result
Wish it were better

Mickey Looks at His Past as He Celebrates 90 Years

Naturally, with Mickey turning 90 this year, Disney has been doing quite a bit of celebrating.  While I haven’t bought most of what they’ve released, I couldn’t resist getting the Legacy ornament they released to celebrate this milestone.

Each ornament in this series features a different Disney movie or franchise that is celebrating an anniversary this year.  This was the only ornament I bought.  It features a modern-day Mickey Mouse looking at a picture of how he looked 90 years ago.  And yes, he is smiling as he is looking.  The picture itself is in a gold frame and Mickey looks like he is about to hang it on the wall.

I love the idea of this ornament.  Mickey has changed so much over the years, and it is nice to have a way to memorialize that.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out the way I thought it would from the pictures on the Disney Store’s website.  The problem is that the picture of old Mickey is see through.  Now, they had to do it that way so we could see current Mickey holding the picture.  However, the result is that we can’t see the picture of original Mickey that well.  Current Mickey is a little easier to see, but it’s still not quite as clear as you’d expect for the actual figure in the ornament.

Which is a shame because I love the idea of this ornament.  It’s just that the execution doesn’t quite live up to the promise of the piece.  I get what they were trying to do with the image of Mickey past shadowing Mickey present, but it just doesn’t quite work.

The ornament is a little front heavy, but Mickey’s feet are big enough that you can set this ornament out to be displayed.  However, when you hang it by the red ribbon threaded through the ornament, you’ll find Mickey definitely tips forward.  In a touch I like, there is a charm connecting the ornament to the ribbon with “Celebrating 90” on it.

As soon as I saw this ornament, I wanted to get it, but I’ve been disappointed by the final result.  It’s a shame that the final product didn’t match the idea since this would be a great way to celebrate the legacy of 90 years of Mickey Mouse.


  1. You're right about the front view not wrking. I can't even tell modern Mickey is smiling . But the back view ( like you're looking over his shoulder looks good in the Amazon pictures. Is it good in real life?

    1. It's much better, but you can't see modern Mickey's face.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Thanks for letting me know. I kind of like the view from the back. It's a unique perspective. Really don't like the llok from the front for $26.


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