Saturday, August 10, 2019

August 10th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – I can’t believe some of the big names that aren’t moving on.  Wow!  And no finishers at all.  Is that a first for the show?  It was nice to see two lesser known names in the race at the end.  And I do wish everyone who did well could move on, like that mom.  Not that I don’t want to see Jessie in Vegas either since she’s my favorite woman on the show.

BH90210 – Well, that was…different.  I never watched much Beverly Hills 90210, but I did follow the series since the characters were roughly my age.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from this show.  Parts of it had me laughing and parts had me cringing.  I’ll be interested to see where things go with the rest of the six episode run.  And yes, the tributes to Luke Perry were touching.

Suits – Please tell me that Faye won’t be as obnoxious now.  Please.  I like Harvey and Donna as a couple.  Yes, I was fine with them apart, but I’m enjoying them together and how they are working on their relationship.  But, to be honest, I can’t wait for Mike to be back next week.  I'm also enjoying seeing Samantha and Alex getting along so well.  It's a nice change from last season.

Pearson – So the driver was indirectly responsible.  That’s what that means, right?  I’m glad Jessica’s cousin is softening.  I expected it, but still it’s about time.  And I’m so glad to get to see Jeff tonight.  Seriously, I love their relationship, and I always have, even on Suits.

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