Saturday, August 24, 2019

August 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – What a change from last week, right?  Maybe this course was a little easier?  Not that I’m taking away from any of the finishers – they’ve all worked hard to get there.  So nice to root on Michelle and Jessie.  And Grant is going back to Vegas!  I’m so thrilled about that, too.

BH90210 – Obviously, I don’t know much about the cast, but did Carol really become a therapist?  Either way, it was fun to see her in the role.  It’s about time they got Shannen around for the drama.  Nothing much on the stalker, but I am glad Jason came clean.

Suits – I knew Faye’s past wasn’t going to be as cut and dried as it appears, and I’m glad the gang backed down.  Seriously, though, how the characters never expect there to be consequences for their actions is well beyond me.  It was nice to see Brian again, although I feel like his character was rather stupid.  Seeing Katrina again was going to be nothing but trouble.

Pearson – That’s what we were missing last week – forward movement on all the stories.  Although we didn’t need another plot line in this soap opera.  Why do we have to have illegal immigrants part of things?  Not happy about that development.  Glad Jessica’s family is finally accepting some help.  And I think things are about to get very interesting for the mayor on multiple fronts.

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