Saturday, August 31, 2019

August 31st's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – I really wish the show weren’t so predictable early on.  I knew Michelle and Kevin wouldn’t make it very far because they were the first two runners.  I’d already seen that amazing save on the diving boards on Instagram this week, but it was worth watching again – that was something.  Any best on whether Travis really retires or not?  Glad that Flip was able to make it through stage one with his pass, but I hope he is okay.  And if we only have one more night on stage 1, how are they going to make it another two weeks after that?  Even if someone wins, it seems like we would have a lot of time to fill.  Or there are a lot of people who pass stage 1 next week.

BH90210 – I don’t see how they are going to wrap any of this up in two more episodes.  Obviously, Zach isn’t the stalker.  Which co-star could it be?  And it sounds like they are only supposed to be doing 5 episodes of this fictional reboot.  A lot of work and drama is going into five episodes.

Suits – It was interesting to watch the pilot again.  There are parts I didn’t like then, and I can see why, but I’m glad I stuck with the show.  My how people have changed.  Oh, and I still miss Rachel and Mike.  And the sets!  Wow, the firm looked very different back then.  That’s often the case with the pilot, where the real sets are built for episode two and that’s what we get used to.

Pearson – The lawyer is a scumbag.  I hope she does go to Jessica and that Jessica steps in because you know she’d be incredible.  The rest?  Again, there are just too many storylines to care about any of them enough.

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