Saturday, October 12, 2019

October 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Three of the four fall Arrowverse shows returned this week.  Or premiered in the case of Batwoman.  It's getting harder to keep up with everything.

God Friended Me – Kara doesn’t love Miles?  Or if she does, why can’t she tell him?  Yes, that’s what I took from the episode.  Oh, and Joy needs to calm down just a tad.  I’m curious where they are going to go with Simon and the reporter.  And, for that matter, how long is Kara going to stay in Paris?  I’m guessing one more episode, but we’ll find out.

Batwoman – I’ve been very worried that this show would be political.  So far, it isn’t that bad.  Oh, it’s there, and it could go much worse, but I enjoyed it.  I’ll definitely be back next week.  Unfortunately, I think my favorite part is Alice and all of her references to Alice in Wonderland, and as a villain, I fear she won’t be around long.

Supergirl – The politics is still in this show, I see.  Lectures about the press and how it should be vs. how it is going now.  And how no one is respecting it.  Yawn.  So this is what is going to turn Lena Luthor into a villain, huh?  And for a minute, I thought they were going to have her really forgive Kara.  That will be interesting to watch.

Dancing with the Stars – We are at the point where two groups of celebrities are forming – those who are able to really learn how to dance, and those who are trying but not really getting it.  It’s nice to see another one or two joining the upper group, but we will see if they can stay there.  Meanwhile, we have a few weeks of easy eliminations yet.  I’m surprised that Sean Spicer is still around, although there are still several dancers who are as weak as he is.  Have we seen any 9’s yet?  It seems like we normally see a 9 or two by now.  Next week is Disney week!  Can’t wait!!!

A Very Brady Renovation – With all the shows coming back this week, I also didn’t go back for the “bonus scenes” episode.  I’m so glad I did.  This was more from the “kids” points of view, and I enjoyed that so much more.  Their tidbits and reactions are so much fun.  It really makes me want to pull out my DVD’s for the show.

The Flash – Nothing like finding out you only have two months to live.  And that date is the Tuesday of crossover week.  I wonder if that’s going to be the cliffhanger episode.  I honestly can’t remember what is airing when.  When will people learn that dark matter is bad news?  I mean, it’s right there in the name, for Pete’s sake.

This is Us – Better episode than last week.  The scene at the end with the three characters laughing at the AA meeting was great.  I love how they worked Timothy Omundson’s real life stroke into the backstory for his character (that’s the actor playing Kate and Toby’s new neighbor).  And Kate walking with him was perfect.  I knew the assistant (or whatever her position was) would be fired when she spoke up, but I wasn’t thinking that the proposal was going to be a proposal.

Survivor – If the rest of the group plays it right, I was see leaving with an idol.  It’s bad; I get it, but it’s a sign that the other team members are really good at playing the game.  Still, I always feel bad for that person.  Not surprised who lost and went since we spent almost the entire episode with that tribe.  Seriously, was the other tribe all hugs and bunny snuggles while this was going on?

American Horror Story: 1984 – I’m beginning to think everyone is absolutely crazy.  And I’m kind of over the show again.  It’s just that disturbing.  This is why I haven’t watched it before.  I may see if I can read recaps and find out what happens for the rest of it that way.

The Good Place – Torture makes you a better person.  Or, another way to say it is might be no pain, no gain.  Or, “Those whom God loves, He also disciplines.”  Discipline really is a good thing.  Of course, this episode showed that with so many laughs along the way it was great.  The best line was Chidi’s line, “I made God cry?”  Especially with how he delivered it.

Carol’s Second Act – That was the best one so far.  Carol had calmed down a little.  The plot was completely predictable, but it was still fun.  Missed her daughter, and I hope they don’t just humiliate the one doctor.  I mean, it was funny and he does deserve it, but if that’s all they do with him, it will become predictable.

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