Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Ornament Review: Aquaman - 2019 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Perfectly captures classic comic Aquaman
Cons: He’s a mini ornament, so be prepared
The Bottom Line:
Aquaman makes splash
As he joins the Justice League
Mini ornament

From the Seas to Your Tree

Over the last couple of years, Hallmark has been releasing a series of mini ornaments with various characters from the Justice League.  They’ve continued that with two new heroes this year, and the first of which is Aquaman.

If you are looking for Aquaman as depicted in the recent movies, you will be disappointed.  As with the others, this is Aquaman directly out of the comic books.  As such, he’s blond with short hair.  He’s wearing his traditional orange and green costume.  Like the others, he’s heading into battle, so he looks like his is flying forward.  Or maybe he’s about to tuck and dive into the water.  This is Aquaman after all.

This is a miniature ornament.  He’s barely over an inch tall at his longest.  So, remember that when you go to buy the ornament.

But, for his size, he looks pretty good.  I’m always amazed at the detail that Hallmark is able to put into these mini ornaments, and this is no exception.  He’s got facial features, a smile, and detail to his costume.  It’s pretty remarkable, actually.

What isn’t as impressive is the copyright information on his back in black.  True, it is where you’ll be hanging him, so you won’t really see it, but it is disappointing.

Because of his pose, you can’t set him out to be displayed.  I’m not sure I’d want to anyway since he is so small.  It would be easy to lose him.

But he will look great on a tree.  The loop for hanging him is on the back of his neck, and hangs at the perfect angle to look like he is flying into action. I’ll be displaying him on a mini tree, so he stands out better since he would easily get lost on a traditional tree.

I was never a comic book reader, so it is funny that I have gotten so into these mini ornaments of the Justice League, but I am loving them.  That’s why I am glad to have added Aquaman to my collection.

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