Saturday, October 26, 2019

October 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yep, I'm late.  Been a different couple of days without as much computer time, but here's what I watched this week.

God Friended Me – Just as I thought Joy was going to be a permanent part of the gang, she heads off to Chicago.  I like how they ended things with her daughter.  I think the mom knows.  I hope we get an update on her/she comes back at some point because I don’t feel like her story is quite over yet.  I hope that Miles’s dad isn’t so involved in a social justice crusade that they use this to preach at us.  I prefer this show without the politics, and it will be a deal breaker for me if they introduce a lot of that.

Batwoman – So, Alice is trying to get her dad to realize who she is while getting Kate to forget who she is.  Interesting.  And how long until Kate’s step-sister’s secret clinic is revealed now that she has a bodyguard?  Plus Kate’s got a new girlfriend.  They didn’t wait very long for that, not that I expected them to.

Supergirl – With James only around for part of the season and Kelly being new, they are sending them away for a few episodes?  What’s that about.  Anyone else want to predict that James will win an election and that’s how they write him off?  I’m not expecting him to be harmed by the crossover, but I could be wrong about that.

Dancing with the Stars – Wow!  That was hard to watch at the end.  Sailor had done so well tonight, and then she was eliminated.  Obviously, the changes they made between seasons isn’t helping the results since Sean is continuing in the show.  I’m happy he wasn’t the first to go, but at this point he is clearly the weak link and needs to go.  I hope he doesn’t make it more than two more weeks at the most so the others who are dancing better get to stay longer.

The Flash – Looks like we are going to get plenty of Frost this season.  I don’t mind since I find her fun.  I’m just glad they have used her characters without turning Caitlyn into a villain.  I really like what they’ve done with the character, in fact.  This new villain is very scary.  Ralph’s storyline was very fun before that serious turn it took, but I liked how everything was resolved.

Arrow – And this is why I’m not going to miss this show.  We’ve got the future story, which is taking away from the present story.  Not that the present story is that interesting either.  The only part that was interesting was Laurel’s storyline, which I found heartbreaking.  We don’t know her characters that well, but Earth 2 had the Wells we’ve had for two seasons as well as Jessie Quick, so I am definitely mourning their loss.  Lila working with the Monitor is an interesting twist.  I hope they play it out well.

This is Us – Why do I have the feeling there is more to the story with Mark than just a nice guy.  I couldn’t help but laugh at Nicky’s observations about Kevin’s relationships with people.  He sure has gotten invested in the stories of every people he really doesn’t know.  I’m very curious where they are going to go with this vet and her marriage.

Survivor – Every season, I am shocked by those who are shocked about the tribal swap at this point in the game.  Survivor has only been doing it for over a decade now.  You need to plan your game accordingly.  And, every season, at some point, I talk about how stupid you are to cut out people who are going to help you win challenges.  Right now, it is a group game, and if you don’t go into the individual part with numbers, you are going to lose.  It doesn’t matter that you got right of the strategic threats, you will be voted out.  You need to have numbers.  It was nice to see Rob agree with me on that, at least.  How people playing the game never seem to see that is beyond me.

American Horror Story 1984 – Since I haven’t watched the show in the past, I didn’t catch some of the cool connections since this is the 100th episode.  However, I am not impressed with the episode overall.  Seriously?  That’s what all this has been leading to?  The rest of the season had better be pretty freaking cool.

The Good Place – Best episode of the season!  I laughed so many times over the course of the episode.  Man, I’m going to miss this show.

Carol’s Second Act – This show seems to be getting better every week.  This week, I loved the intern’s time at the bar – very funny.  I expected the outcome with Carol’s daughter, but how it played out was very sweet.

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