Saturday, October 5, 2019

October 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

One more returning show this week.  However, with three of four Arrowverse shows starting up next week, that's when I will really have a hard time keeping up.

God Friended Me – So glad this show is back for season 2.  The feel-good aspect, the characters, the God account intrigue.  I wonder who long Joy is going to be around.  (I don’t know if she is a new main character.)  And how long with Cara be in Paris.  Since they are shooting over there, I figure it has to be multiple episodes.  I’m very intrigued by where her story is going to go.

Dancing with the Stars – As soon as they announced there was an injury, I knew no one was going home.  They can’t get rid of people too quickly, after all.  The best are definitely improving, and they are fun to watch.  The rest are still struggling.  I’d like to see them improving a bit more, but I get it.  Some people just can’t dance.

Very Brady Renovation – I’m so glad I gave this series a try.  I think I was smiling the entire way through the show tonight (and every week).  Now, I really want to know what they are doing with it now that they have finished the renovation.

This is Us – I’m back to thinking I may be over the show.  The formula is getting very predictable.  On the other hand, I did appreciate how real the characters were with each other.  It felt very nice.  And it was wonderful to see the show focusing on the Pearson family this week in all the timelines.

Survivor – The blind sides start already.  I wonder if Molly would have been as big a threat as everyone thought.  It’s hard to know for sure after just two episodes.  At this point, I’m usually in favor of getting the annoying people out since I don’t want to hear about them any longer.  Oh well, I guess this is why I don’t play the game.  So far, the tribes have each lost one.  And both people who have gone to Island of the Idols has lied about it, in much the same way.  It will be interesting to see when the truth comes out.

American Horror Story: 1984 – As I was watching, I was thinking I didn’t need this and should stop watching.  But with those twists today, how can I stop.  I wasn’t surprised at who the first casualty of the main cast was.  But seriously, is anyone at the camp who they appear to be at this point?  And that ending?  Yikes!

The Good Place – An actual tender, quiet moment on this show.  Is that a first?  Loved that scene between Eleanor and Michael.  Frankly, loved most of her scenes this week as she finally did what she had to do.  But my favorite moment?  The book crashing into Chidi after he had looked away.

Carol’s Second Act – This second episode was definitely better than the first.  Still not completely sold on it, mainly because Carol is so over the top excited.  The blood draw sub-plot was hysterical, however.

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