Saturday, October 19, 2019

October 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

God Friended Me – So Paris lasted 3 episodes.  I’m glad they aren’t dragging that out because I prefer the dynamic of Kara in New York with the others.  Not surprised they let Annie work things out with Simon along the way.  That is the kind of show this is.  Speaking of predictable, I knew that the officer giving the ticket would be the friend suggestion.  Didn’t necessarily see the rest of the episode coming, but at least saw that much.

Batwoman – Wow!  So what is the step-mother’s interest in all of this?  Is she that possessive of Kate’s dad?  Is she working with Alice?  I’m definitely intrigued by that twice.  Alice is still the best part of the show, which is a shame since I doubt she will be around for the entire thing.

Supergirl – Yes, Lena has definitely crossed to the dark side.  That’s too bad since I liked her friendship with Kara and was hoping they’d break expectations.  Not surprised, however.  This storyline with J’onn is just weird.  And I think I’m over Brainy trying too hard to be a good boyfriend.

Dancing with the Stars – Disney night as magical as always.  Although the technical difficulties with the sound being so quiet made it less than it could have been.  And I got tired of the banners at the bottom to get us to buy products.  Yes, the whole night is an ad, but still.  Oh, and I couldn’t believe how much they shot in an empty Disneyland.  But really, I loved it.  So fun.  And everyone seemed to improve this week.  Yes, the people at the bottom are still there, but they got better, which is what the show is about.

The Flash – That was hard to watch.  Perfectly written and acted, but so hard as Barry was accepting his fate.  I know we will get around it, possibly with Oliver’s sacrifice, but still, that was perfect.  And when is Kara going to find out about her fate on Supergirl?

Arrow – Nothing like destroying an entire world in the season premier.  Wow!  Still not sold on the future storyline, but what is happening in the present is intriguing.  Loved the alternative take on season 1 for sure.  They are sure setting up the crossover early.  Glad I’m watching all of the shows and not just trying to jump in for that.

This is Us – Yes, I’ll be around for the remainder of the season.  I care about these characters too much.  Fun to get a look at the pilot of The Manny.  Wonder if they will do more with the show since it is getting canceled.  Loved the flashback scenes as well.  I thought Deja’s crush would wind up saving the day at the dance studio, but I kind of liked the way that story wound up with Randall and Beth’s mom.

Survivor – Two weeks in a row someone goes out with an idol in their pocket.  Talk about unpredictable.  It was looking for the first couple of weeks like we might have evenly matched teams for a change, but now it is looking like one team is dominating.  And if you are a super fan (as Chelsea was saying in the exit interview), don’t you know not to show any affection for anyone in the game?  Walking target if you do.

American Horror Story: 1984 – I tried something different – I read a recap and then fast forwarded through the really grewsome scenes.  And that made this episode go quickly.  Wow, what a blood bath.  I know there are still several episodes left, so I am wondering where they are going to go with things since this would normally be the end of a story like this.  Well, except the final girl wouldn’t be in jail.

The Good Place – So Janet was a traitor all along.  And Jason figured it out?  Wow!  And poor Glen.  He was just trying to help.  Loved the life cycle of a demon.

Carol’s Second Act – The show seems to be getting better each week.  I don’t laugh as much as the studio audience does, but I am definitely laughing at the show.  Think I’m around for the rest of the season.  I don’t see the show lasting more than one season, but I  will definitely stick with it for that long.

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