Saturday, June 19, 2021

June 19th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of Tomorrow – They got me.  I must admit, I did not see that ending coming.  So, if Sara is a clone now, what will that mean?  Or will we bring back the “real” Sara at some point?  The show is certainly getting weird again this season.  It’s lost the pure fun it used to be.

Batwoman – Still lecturing us some.  Really enjoyed getting to see Diggle.  I’m wondering what they are going to do with Jake Kane.  I thought we might be turning a corner with Alice (for better or worse), but then they went and killed Ocean – again.  Makes sense – can’t have her happy.  But that’s going to really send her off the deep end again.  At least Jake publicly apologized to her.

Lego Masters – I wanted Tim and Zach to go far.  They were a fun team and I was enjoying how they worked together.  Not that I wanted any of the teams in the bottom three to go.  I’m so impressed with how the mothers did.  They were so far behind, yet they wound up in the top three.  I’m not sure I see them going all the way, but they are proving that they deserve to stick around a while longer.

The Flash – That was a weird episode.  Then again, any time a show goes inside a character’s head like that, it gets weird.  Nice to see that they are writing in Sue for a few episodes.  I felt sorry for the actress when they wrote out Ralph earlier this season.  And her dance with the lasers was so fun.

Superman & Lois – I’m surprised.  I was expecting them to play some of this stuff out for another few episodes.  I can’t imagine how this is going to go for the rest of the season, but I can’t wait to see it.  I feel like we are close to the end of the season than we truly are.  And I’m still loving the dynamic with Lana and Lois and Clark.  Very mature relationships, which I feel like we don’t get to see very often.  I just wonder if Lana is going to figure out who Clark really is as a result.

Press Your Luck – Wow!  No money given out at all.  None.  That’s amazing.  Everyone had a great attitude about it, but I’m sure it was disappointing.  The guy sure had the right strategy in the initial rounds – make the person with 3 Whammies take all the chances.  It’s just too bad that he didn’t get anything in the bonus rounds.

Loki – That’s an interesting twist.  Where is Loki going?  What is the ultimate plan?  Is our Loki really in on it or not?  The pacing could be a little better.  Again, I feel like they are stretching things out that don’t need to be stretched out.  But overall, I am having fun.

United States of Al – I knew the dog wasn’t going to be a permanent part of the family.  It was an obvious plot point.  But I like how they brought out by Riley and Vanessa’s perspectives on things and how they are both right and both wrong.  I like how they are building the characters and bring out some deeper issues.  I do wish the jokes were funnier, but overall, I like the show.

Holey Moley – Lots of new holes this season so far and some serious upgrades.  I thought Corn Hole might be a replacement for Hole Number 2, but then they showed that was back with an upgrade.  Loved the Christmas connections the first time they showed that hole.  I was worried that the twerker would go on to the season finale, so I was glad to see her eliminated.  And that proposal in the second episode!  I loved it!  So sweet.  I wonder if that hole will always have couples on it.  We’ll have to watch and see.

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