Sunday, June 6, 2021

Disney Pin Review: Hercules Playing Discus - All Star Trading Cards #6 - 2020 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Perfectly captures Hercules playing discus his way
Cons: All cons tossed away
The Bottom Line:
Highlighting ancients
Hercules catches the disc
In classic entry

This Pin is a Hero, Not a Zero

The entries for the last couple of months in the All Stars Trading Cards series have featured some questionable sports.  That’s not the case with the pin that was released in June.  We are going with a classical sport, and a classical athlete as Hercules tackles Discus.

As always with this pin series, we’ve got a rectangular pin.  Hercules is diagonal across the pin as he is reaching up to catch the discus that Phil has just tossed for him.  Behind him, we can see a bit of a colosseum.  Hercules has signed the pin up in the left corner, and we’ve got Discus in blue glitter across the bottom.

I was initially thinking that, once again, we’ve got a screen shot direct from the movie turned into a pin.  And it is true.  You’ll notice how I was able to describe the scene without seeing any character but Hercules.  However, I then realized that this isn’t what athletes typically do when they compete in discus.  Instead, they throw it.  Yet, I love that they captured the movie so perfectly here.  And, as a Frisbee player, it’s nice to see someone catching something, even if it is a discus and not a disc, aka Frisbee.

And the pin looks great, too.  Even without the signature, any fan of the movie Hercules will immediately get what they are capturing here.

And that’s why I like this pin so much.  We’ve got another moment captured perfectly from the movie.  That makes it an all-star addition to the series.

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