Saturday, June 12, 2021

June 12th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Before we get to what I watched, I have to comment on Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist being cancelled.  I'm not surprised since the ratings weren't that great, but I'm bummed.  While I have some nits to pick with the season, it was overall a light, fun, enjoyable show.  Yes, even with the heavy subjects they dealt with.

Legends of Tomorrow – I’d forgotten this was the animation episode until it happened.  Loved the “all animated princesses know how to sing” line.  So true; so funny.  Not getting the Sara storyline at all at this point.  I’m hoping she is back with the rest of the crew again soon.  I’m more than ready.

Batwoman – That wasn’t quite as painful as I thought it would be.  Yes, there were lecture moments, but it wasn’t all lecture.  Hopefully, they will concentrate on major storylines since we are drawing close to the end of the season.

American Ninja Warrior – The teens are killing it again.  I’m surprised but I’m not, if that makes any sense.  Thrilled, as always, to see Joe make it to the buzzer.  I’ll be rooting him on once again as the season progresses.

Lego Masters – I loved it!  So many epic scenes and so many epic explosions.  I’d have no idea how to build things like that, so the fact that so many got it right really impressed me.  I’m sorry to see Jack and Dawn go because I like them.  I’m not surprised they were one of the first to go, and I understand why the judges picked them.  But I will miss them.

The Flash – A nice send off for Cisco.  I’m going to miss him; I hope this means that Cisco-light will get more time and I’ll get to like him more.  I figured out what Barry and Caitlin were doing early on, but that scene where they finally all really talked was the one that made me tear up.

Superman and Lois – The reveal with Kyle was expected.  It was cool how they did it, but I still pretty much expected it.  And the conversations with General Lane were very long overdue.  I was cheering for both of them.  However, that ending reveal?  I did not see that coming at all.

Loki – So far, this seems like Marvel’s version of Legends of Tomorrow.  Not that I’m complaining.  Definitely intrigued by the revelations at the end, but the set up was pretty slow.  Hopefully, the show will pick up now that we’ve established the world the show will be set in.

Press Your Luck – Obviously, there have been people who have Whammied out of the game before.  But I don’t remember seeing anyone Whammy out with four Whammies in a row.  I feel for you.  It was rather obvious the guy was going to hit a Whammy there at the end.  He didn’t have any, and it was down to the wire.  And what a roller coaster ride in the bonus rounds.  She made the right decision to walk away when she did.

United States of Al – The characters are really growing on me each week.  And I love how they are treating the serious and the funny and making it work together.  I’m not sure this is a must watch show for everyone, but I’m truly enjoying it.  And I loved the Frisbee scene, although I’m not so sure either of them had played too much before.  Then again, I’d look funny trying to throw it in a very small and controlled space.

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