Saturday, June 5, 2021

June 5th's Weekly TV Thoughts

American Ninja Warrior – I’m not sure how I feel about them lowering the age yet again.  But it’s hard to argue with the results.  The teens are killing it out there.  Never go first.  You know it is going to end in disaster, so I wasn’t surprised to see The Kid out early.  Kind of surprised to see Daniel Gill fall.  And kind of not.  When they over hype someone, they seem to go down as well.  At least he is moving on.  But they need to work on their writing some so as not to give away the twists, you know?

Lego Masters – The new season is off to a great start.  So far, I really like all the teams, so I’m glad no one went home.  Kind of expected that.  And it’s nice to give everyone a couple of chances to get the competition figured out.  I’m hoping the two bottom teams really come back and impress us all next week.  I was not at all surprised that the team that won first this week got first.  Their float was very impressive.  I can’t quite figure out how they pulled it off.  Then again, we’ve discussed that I’m not that creative on stuff like this on my own.

Superman and Lois – It was obvious who Lois was going to be yelling at pretty early on.  I did not see the miscarriage coming.  That was a pretty powerful part of the episode.  You know, at this point, I’m wondering if Superman will turn bad – under the influence of some type of kryptonite.  Obviously, he won’t stay that way.  The Cushings are in for a hard road ahead.  Hopefully, soon they realize what the people chosen are really subject to.  Meanwhile, that was a great scene with Jordan and Sarah at the audition.

Press Your Luck – Last week, the Whammy was all over the place.  This week, we hardly saw any Whammys until near the end of the main game.  And then the winner Whammied out of the bonus round.  I felt sorry for her then.  Of course, she did still have quite a list of prizes and money from the main game, so it’s hard to feel too sorry for her.

United States of Al – I think what I’m enjoying about the show is how sweet it turns out to be.  Yes, there are some moments where Al is trying too hard, but overall, it’s a nice show, and I am feeling how the characters really do care for each other.

Wipeout – They had some good themed contestant, but they didn’t continue on.  I can’t say too much about those afraid of heights since I’d be right there.  And I don’t deal well with cold, so being reminded how cold it is when they film is another reason I’m content to watch.  I felt so sorry for that guy who couldn’t get back up because of ice.  That would be me.

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