Saturday, June 26, 2021

June 26th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of Tomorrow – Sara’s back!  I’m so thankful that the planet storyline is over.  Yes, I know we are still hunting aliens, but I’m glad that part is behind us.  I meant to go back and double check what happened to the alien woman character.  I’m guessing they left her behind?  If so, that stinks since she came back for everyone.  I’m assuming she died saving them from the aliens.  (Yes, I was watching while doing other stuff, which is my default.)

Batwoman – So much I liked about the episode.  The parole officer seeing the truth in what Ryan was saying (granted, it took men trying to kill her, but still, I’ve seen shows where they still wouldn’t get it).  The others apologizing to Ryan and her accepting it quickly.  And they trying to tell Ryan that she has made Batwoman her own.  Yes, I actually enjoyed scenes that didn’t involve Alice for a change.

American Ninja Warrior – Well, I’m bummed.  I love Grant and Nick, and I’m sorry to see them both leave so early.  I’m still so impressed with the teens who are on the show this season.  They are so emotional, too.  They are happy to be there; they want it.  They’ve worked for it for years, and it shows.  I think it’s the years of training that really are helping them and making them go further than I was initially expecting.  They’ve been taking this seriously, and it is paying off.  I mean, a sixteen-year-old topping the mega wall?  Very impressive!

Lego Masters – And that’s why I’m not on the show.  Not only could I not build something out of Legos like that, but designing a hat?  My hat is off to them (pun always intended) for what they were able to build.  Yes, even the teams who were in the bottom two.  I wasn’t attached to the team that was eliminated, but they did seem nice.  Honestly, I’m still rooting for all the teams, which I like.  It’s nice to have a competition show where you want every team to win.

The Flash – I always wonder when Barry isn’t in an episode why that is.  There’s no crossover to prepare for, so that can’t be it.  Iris wasn’t in it at all, but it seems like everyone is taking some episodes off this season.  Maybe that’s all this was.  But I’m not complaining since it allowed the newer characters to shine.  Obviously, there is some history there I would recognize if I went back and rewatched the earlier seasons.  I wish I remember them better.  Still, it was a good episode with some interesting development in both stories.

Superman and Lois – They are leaving us THERE?  For THREE WEEKS?  I believe that is the definition of cruel and unusual punishment.  This episode cemented for me what I have been feeling all along – these relationships are wonderful!  Lois and Clark.  Even Kyle and Lois this week.  And, of course, Lois and Lana.  They are making these characters and their relationships so strong.  I hope that continues.  And yes, I did like the look back at their version of the more familiar Superman and Lois story.  Nicely done to get the flashbacks like that.

Loki – Again, I’m just not connecting with this series.  It feels long and drawn out.  Like, what was the point of this episode.  Since I clearly enjoy other episodic stories and shows, why are these Marvel shows such a struggle for me.  I feel like this week was pointless.  Yes, I am curious how they are going to get out of that cliffhanger, but we all know they will, so what was the point of the episode?

Press Your Luck – What a difference from last week.  Lots of Whammies still, but lots of money and prizes given away.

Card Sharks – It’s really back!  I was disappointed when it got bumped last week.  That first round was crazy.  It was over as soon as it started.  The second round was a blowout as well, but at least there were a few rounds before they had a winner.

United States of Al – I think part of the reason I don’t find the show super funny is that they tackle some serious subjects.  Okay, so the “jokes” are mostly expected.  I hope they can up the comedy factor in season 2, but I’m willing to stick with it because I’ve really grown to like the characters, something I didn’t think I’d say in the first few episodes when I almost gave up.

Holey Moley – That winner was fierce!  She was the first to get past the corn and the joust.  Okay, so we aren’t that far into the season, but I was still very impressed.  Heck, she almost got past the fish, too.  But did you see the breath coming out at one point.  They fill this during the winter, and it is way too cold to be that wet.  No thanks.

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