Saturday, October 23, 2021

October 23rd's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Equalizer – I’m a bit impressed by this episode.  Yes, there was the push about gay rights in the story, but they were honest about the oppression that gays face in countries like Saudi Arabia.  Plus, they were showing how oppressive regimes can be over there.  It still felt a bit like a lecture, but at least it wasn’t aimed at Americans this time.  The new guy tracking her is going to be very interesting as the season progresses.  A bit of a cliché so far.  But I’m still interested to see how that is going to progress.

Legend of the Hidden Temple – I found the Pelle legend interesting just because of having been to Hawaii last week.  Overall, she doesn’t sound like a very nice goddess.  So much murder and resurrection and betrayal.  That final team was so dominant, but they didn’t have much luck at the end.  I don’t remember the kids having quite this much trouble in the original.  They must have made it harder, although doing the run in the dark would definitely make it more challenging.

Killer Camp – The whole love triangle?  I’m not a fan of it in the books, and I really don’t need it in my super cheesy reality TV.  I mean, if I were watching a romance show, I’d get it.  But a mystery show about a killer?  Nope.  The killer clearly doesn’t want the men to stick around.  Is it a woman this time?  Or a man who is threatened?

Dancing with the Stars – I’ve enjoyed the show more than I thought I would.  I’m not a fan of Grease, but mainly because of the story.  The music is fun, as this show reminded me.  So many great dances, and then the bottom two?  It’s hard to believe that some of the others weren’t down there at the bottom.  I think the competition just got real for everyone.

Stargirl – I really did think Cindy had died.  But what a way to bring her back.  Obviously, she is going to be important to taking down Eclipso if Courtney went so far out of her way to rescue her.  I would have gone through and then figured out a way to rescue Cindy, but that’s probably just me.  And I can’t wait to see Beth meet Dr. Midnighter.  That whole storyline this season makes much more sense now.

Supergirl – I was fearing another lecture when I saw the “previously on” and realized that we were revisiting Dreamer’s sister.  It wasn’t as bad as I feared it would be, but it was pretty painful and predictable.  Did not see Kara quitting her job coming, but it is true, she can’t do it all right now.  I’ve been waiting for Lex to come back.  Still, I wasn’t quite expecting that twist at the end.

Survivor – I haven’t seen a tribe have this much of a losing streak in a very long time.  Not sure what they are doing to the tribes next week but they really need it.  Of course, I think I’m rooting for the two members of that tribe left to be ejected from the game soon, but we’ll see.  There may be others I want off sooner once we get to know them better.

Legends of Tomorrow – Once we got past the opening scene (and I was trying to eat dinner during it), this proved to be a fun episode.  With several twists I did not see coming.  I’m very interested to see where they are going from here.  I’m not a fan of how they are treating Hoover like an evil person.  I get that he had his flaws.  Most people do.  But couldn’t they try for a little nuance?

Batwoman – So, basically, we are going to go through a greatest hits of all Batman’s foes?  Okay, got it.  I knew Alice was going to try to escape at some point, but I thought it would be another episode or two.  Still, that tracker she has now is great.  I wasn’t aware she was going to be in prison between episodes, I mean cases, so at least that much she isn’t our team’s responsibility.  And I feel so sorry for so many characters here.  The pair who died, and the guy who was turned into the croc.  Most of all, his dad.

Frogger – I’m not surprised at who won, but I’m disappointed.  Especially since the one woman completed her course on her first life.  I had to laugh about the one contestant forgetting to grab her frog.  That would totally be me.

United States of Al – Do I detect some romance coming for Al?  As fun as that storyline was, I loved the bowling parts so much more.  I would be surprised if Riley actually does grow a man bun.  Not that his hair is all that short to me right now, either.

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