Friday, October 22, 2021

Ornament Review: Seasons Treatings #13 - Display Case of Treats - 2021 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Many delicious looking sweets in one ornament.
Cons: I’m hungry now
The Bottom Line:
Delicious desserts
Offered in one ornament
I’m ready to eat!

Mouthwatering Display Case

Every year, the ornaments in the Season’s Treatings series make me crave the new treat being spotlighted.  The 2021 entry in the series is especially evil in that regard since it features a delicious variety of treats.

The ornament this year has several different items on a tray under a clear cover.  There are two decorated cookies, one of Santa and one of a Christmas tree.  There’s a slice of a layered cake with chocolate frosting between the layers.  There are two cupcakes, one with red frosting and one with green frosting and a candy cane on top.  Finally, there’s a piece of what looks like cherry pie.

And I think it was a mistake to write this review on an empty stomach.

Seriously, these desserts all look delicious.  I’m not a frosted cookie person, but even they look good enough to eat.  But I’d probably start with the cake.  Or maybe the pie.  Okay, fine, a cupcake.  And I could be talked into enjoying the cookies without too much effort.

The cover over the items is a new touch.  I have heard some people say that they saw ornaments that were cloudy, making it hard to see what was inside.  The ones I’ve seen have all been clear, so that’s not an issue for me.  At least not yet.  Hopefully, the plastic doesn’t cloud over as it ages.

2021 is written on the bottom of the display plate between the cookies and the pie.  Since most of the base of the ornament is clear, it is hard to see the series marker on the bottom of the stand, but the 13 in a Christmas tree is there.

And this does have more of a vertical presence to it than many ornaments in the series do.  As a result, I could see setting it out to be enjoyed.  The base is wide enough that it is pretty stable.

This is one of the few ornaments in the series that hangs straight.  Usually, they hang at a fun angle on purpose, but this one doesn’t.  Makes sense with the design of the ornament.

The ornaments are always cute and delicious looking, and the newest is no exception.  Be prepared to drool with you pick up this ornament.

Enjoy the rest of the Seasons Treatings ornaments.

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