Saturday, October 2, 2021

October 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

Did you miss my TV thoughts last week?  I went on vacation, so I wrote a review to run instead.  Worked out well since it was at least a TV related review.  But I've been working hard at catching up on TV, and I've got two weeks of thoughts for you now, starting with the Supergirl episode I missed due to preemption.

Watch the blog for a couple of vacation inspired reviews coming up in the next week or so.

Also, you'll notice that American Ninja Warrior Junior is not on my list.  Sadly, Peacock has moved that behind the pay wall, so I won't get to finish off the season.

Supergirl (9/14) – That’s an interesting backstory for Lena.  I have no idea where they are going to go with that with so few episodes left.  Since when do they have Irish accents in Newfoundland?  And the magical imp storyline took an interesting twist, although I expected it wasn’t going to be easy to get rid of her.  I’m sure she’s around the rest of the season.  And it was nice this wasn’t blatantly blatantly preachy this time.

Dancing with the Stars (9/20) – I do appreciate how the judges are honest with their scores but encouraging with their comments early on.  Yes, as we get closer to the final, they need to be pickier, but right now, praising them for their hard work while giving honest feedback is important.  It will be interesting to see how the season shakes out because I can see several of the stars going all the way right now.

Stargirl (9/21) – Heart breaking episode.  Great character development, and I applaud them for addressing those issues (something that often gets forgotten by superhero stories), but so sad.  Obviously, Yolanda is truly off the team, but I’m wondering what is going to happen to bring her back.

Supergirl (9/21) – And we’re back to preaching.  I mean, they could have toned it down by half and still gotten their point across.  And that final scene?  It was so cliché it was almost funny if it weren’t so painful.  It’s like they know they have to get all this out because it’s the final season.  And I am not going to miss this show at all.

The Ultimate Surfer (9/21) – Not sure I had a favorite among the women, but I was expecting Zeke to win.  He’d been doing well the entire time.  That was impressive surfing from all four of them.  Those scores were so high!

What If…? (9/22) – That was the most fun yet.  So many great lines and moments.  It wasn’t dark, it was just out to have fun and entertain.

Survivor (9/22) – This is going to be an interesting season with all the twists and speed they are introducing.  I hope they don’t have so many twists that it is impossible to follow what all they are doing.  But I do appreciate that fact that they are still trying.  I could do without a bit less woke, but I suspected that was coming.  And wow, I am feeling old when they have contestants on born after the first season premiered.  I’ve never missed an episode since season 1.

Frogger (9/23) – Size doesn’t matter as much as you think.  The tallest person in the final didn’t go as far as the other two.  Although I’m still trying to figure out how I’d get around the water jets on the jungle stage.  I have a feeling I would make it past that.

Holey Moley (9/23) – That was some final hole – combining so many holes into one.  And the competition was so close.  I couldn’t believe the back and forths.  I had gotten spoiled about who won early on, but I was still amazed at how close it turned out to be.

Dancing with the Stars (9/27) – No surprise over who went home first.  I could have predicted that last week.  I feel like the better stars are already distancing themselves from everyone else.  This is going to be a strong season.

Stargirl (9/28) – This villain they are fighting is mental.  Seriously.  What is up with all that manipulation.  And it’s just downright scary, too.  Hopefully, that is part of what is going on with Yolanda.  And, as much as I griped about preaching, I liked the bit at the end of this episode.  They made their point in a subtle way without taking the entire episode to do it.

Supergirl (9/28) – Speaking of preaching, this show actually remembered what it was supposed to be, and gave us an entertaining show without an overbearing lecture.  Yes, they were still following up on some stuff from last week, but it wasn’t beat you over the head with it.  With one totem gone, it’s going to be hard to get the rest, now.  I’m curious to see how they will overcome the challenge.  And will William figure out who everyone is if he is imbedded with the Superfriends?

What If…? (9/29) – Well, that episode took an interesting turn.  If they’d done something like that sooner, I might have enjoyed the series more.  They are obviously planning to tie this into the Dr. Strange movie, so I’ll be interested to see how they go about setting that up next week.

Survivor (9/29) – How stupid can you be?  I will never understand teams that vote out strong players this early in the season.  If you are losing challenges that badly, you need to vote out the weaker players.  I get that strong players are going to be a problem eventually at the individual level, but if you keep the weak players and lose challenges now, you will just be voted out one by one at the merge anyway.

Frogger (9/30) – There were some amazing performances there.  The closest I remember seeing to getting all five frogs in the bonus level.  And someone finishing a level on the first try.  Too bad all three of them couldn’t have gone on.

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