Saturday, October 9, 2021

October 9th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Dancing with the Stars – I get it.  I get why Cody and Cheryl’s scores weren’t better.  But given everything else, I thought their dance was amazing.  Glad they are sticking around.  Sorry to see Christine go, but not too surprised.  At this stage especially, it is easy to be saved one week and go the next.

Stargirl – Now we’re getting somewhere.  There is a way to stop the villain.  But the cost.  I can understand why this wasn’t shared weeks ago, but Courtney’s anger is certainly understandable.  And, as much as I’m complained about her go into battle without knowing the danger attitude in the past, I kind of liked it at the beginning of this episode.  And she was right.

Supergirl – Yes, there was a lecture to the episode, but the importance of being nice is a rather…nice…moral to be reminded of.  Curioius how William’s articles are going to turn out.  You know at some point, he’s going to figure out Kara’s identity and then struggle with what to do about it.

What If…? – This was another of the better episodes.  I like how it tied in the alternative characters we’d met earlier, although I would have liked to see more of this before now.  I feel like it was too little too late to really tie things together.

Survivor – I thought Brad would go further.  I find it funny the one person who got a steal a vote tonight is voted out.  Although, I wonder what he could have done with it if he can’t vote.  Does that make up for him not having a vote?  I feel like the advantages are a bit excessive this season, but it’s still early.  We’ll see how it all plays out.

United States of Al – I’ve been thinking about this show a lot over the last couple of months and how they would handle the very real events that had inspired the sitcom.  I’m not surprised by what the show did, going full drama and focusing on a member of Al’s family.  Even a few of the twists along the way were expected.  But it was still so touch to watch.  I just about broke down crying at the end myself.  This show has given a very human face to the events over there, and that’s a very good thing.

Frogger – Some pretty impressive performances there tonight.  I mean, both women in the space competition making it to the final jump on their first turn.  And I’m impressed with anyone who can get by those water cannon in the jungle stage.  The bonus level was surprising in how quickly the players lost.

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