Saturday, October 30, 2021

October 30th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I had actually missed the announcement that Killer Camp was pulled from the schedule, so I went looking for information when I didn't see it on my DVR Monday night.  Not that upset that it isn't airing.  We'll see if I go back to it when they decide to burn off the episodes at a later date.

Meanwhile, here's what I did watch this week.

The Equalizer – That was an intense episode.  I was on the edge of my seat multiple times not sure how it was going to turn out.  Figured the kid would most likely be okay, but still, I couldn’t figure out how he was going to get out of things.  Glad the DEA agents are facing consequences for their actions.  That was completely out of line from them.

Legends of the Hidden Temple – We finally had a team win it all!  And they weren’t a team I’d picked to go very far early on in the episode.  Also, I hope we get a legend without an absent dad here pretty soon.

Dancing with the Stars – I’ll admit, I was picturing something more like songs from horror movies when they announced the theme.  Still, I’m impressed with how well they did at matching the theme to the dance.  The costume and make up people on the show are incredible!  Surprised Suni was in the bottom two, but not that surprised at who went home.

Stargirl – Pretty much did what the episode needed to do.  We need all of our characters back for the final fight.  And we needed a big cliffhanger.  Mind you, I’m not saying it was a bad episode, but I wasn’t surprised that we didn’t see any big changes or revelations until the final few minutes.

Supergirl – This is definitely a different side of Lex.  If he weren’t teaming up with a villain, I think I’d like it.  Curious to see where they will go with it.  I called where the love totem was going to wind up, however.  Pretty predictable.  Should have seen the surprise of the proposal coming, but that one I missed.

Survivor – That really was a two parter, complete with a cliffhanger.  I would bet she decides to turn back time.  I know I would.  Honestly, I’m a bit surprised there is much to think about.  You’ve got five people thankful to you, and you are hurting the other half who sent you there.  Meanwhile, a merge feast, but only if you win the challenge?  I feel like we saw that at some point in the past, but maybe I’m wrong.

Legends of Tomorrow – I think I was expecting a little more fun.  Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but it wasn’t quite what I was picturing.  Still, I did enjoy seeing the old characters come back, and it was a nice way to honor the milestone of 100 episodes.  It must have been pretty good because I didn’t even mind that we pretty much stopped the story arc for the season for this episode.

Batwoman – I had forgotten that Mr. Freeze had a wife.  The fact that they brought her in made this at least a little more interesting than the other episodes so far.  I mean, we got an update on the character behind the villain.  But how long ago did Mr. Freeze die/Batman leave?  I didn’t think he was supposed to be that much older than our characters.  In other developments, I was just thinking how nice it was that Sophie and Ryan weren’t going to be paired up on the show.  Guess that shows all I know about what the writers have in mind.

Frogger – That was quite the surprise.  The person who did the worst on the level wound up winning.  Not that any of them got very many frogs; it all came down to the time.  That slow mo was horrible, too.  I wanted to know who won!

United States of Al – I was afraid we were doing to be dealing with a serious physical medical condition with the way that started.  I feel like having both of our main characters in therapy (or studying phycology) is a bit redundant, but we shall see.  I’m wondering if this was the one supposed to be the season premier that got delayed after the events in Afghanistan this summer.  Otherwise, it is weird with everyone talking about the start of school at the end of October.

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