Saturday, October 16, 2021

October 16th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Equalizer – Good episode back.  We’ve introduced a plotline for the season (and how did I forget he’d faked his death and that’s why he was living underground?).  We had a good case with plenty of twists and turns.  We Delilah is moving back in.  Okay, that was the most predictable subplot in the history of TV subplots, but it was still good enough for getting the characters to where we knew they’d have to be.  If they had belabored it with more scenes, it would have been way worse.

Legends of the Hidden Temple – I feel like the show worked better when it was kids and not adults competing, but it is the silly fun I’m looking for on a Sunday night.  I’ll be back for sure.

Killer Camp – I’m confused.  I thought the first season I saw was a British production, but what the CW was going to show now was an American version.  Yet it’s got the same host, sets, and killer.  Oh well, I’m in either way.  The reacting is still funny.  No clue who the killer might be yet, so we’ll see how things develop.  Can’t believe all the romances already.  I mean, you might be falling for a killer!

Dancing with the Stars – Two dances so early in the competition.  I feel for the celebs.  The Mickey Challenged turned out pretty well.  But it was so distracting hearing the songs cut.  I usually don’t know the songs everyone are dancing to, but I do here, so it always bothers me when they cut these for time.  I get why it happens, but I hear it immediately.  The second night had a few non-Disney songs which makes sense.  Not every villain gets a song after all, but I was pleased to see they mostly had Disney songs.  The first 10 of the season!  And from Len, too, which amazes me.  I’m sorry to see Brian go.  I doubt he would have lasted much longer, but still, he was one I was rooting for.  Not as much connection to Matt.  It’s going to get harder from here on out.

Stargirl – Well, that’s a cliffhanger ending.  I should have known that trusting the Shade was dangerous.  And what is going on with the brother?  I do hope that is really Starman who is trying to find them.  Although how he could be alive, I have no idea.  Things are definitely getting interesting.

Supergirl – Killing the hope pendant?  Something tells me they will regret it.  Not that I think it is dead.  I think someone saved it at the last second.  The question becomes – who did that?

Survivor – “You aren’t fooling me again.”  Famous last words.  Oh, and I have news for you, an assassin is a villain.  They even managed to blindside us this time.  Usually, we have a clue where it is going, but I wasn’t truly expecting JD.  I do not get, in a numbers game, why you would ever throw a challenge.  You need your entire team when it comes to the merge.  Of course, I also don’t get why you’d get rid of the strong players early on and keep the weak, so what do I know.

Legends of Tomorrow – Now there is the show I know and love.  That was so much fun!  I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about them being stuck in the 1920’s, but with the twist of having killed Hoover, I have a feeling this is going to be fun.  And the circus performers bit?  Classic comedy for the show.  I just wonder how long it will be before they reunite all the characters since they are currently in three different places.

Batwoman – Several disturbing scenes – the guy killing his friend and poor Mary at her graduation.  I knew Alice wouldn’t stay locked up long, but her working with Ryan is going to be interesting.  And I’m glad Alice isn’t still in prison.  Have I mentioned this season how much I love that character?  Didn’t think so.

Frogger – Wow!  That was an amazing performance by the circus performer.  Frankly, both of them did well on the first stage, but then on the bonus level, he was amazing.  My money is on him in the finals.  The other guys had done well, too, on their levels, so it’s really saying something about his performance, although he swept them away in the final round.

United States of Al – The laughs are back.  Okay, so maybe it was grins more than laughs, but still, that was a fun episode.  I could tell where it was going early on, but I still enjoyed it.  I do feel like this was the funniest episode we’ve had in a while.

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