Saturday, November 13, 2021

November 13th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Equalizer – The main storyline was wonderful.  The way they tracked down the victim, the twists.  I did see the final twist coming (who got kidnapped at the end), but other than that it kept me on the edge of my seat again.  The sub-plot?  Their biggest lecture of the season so far, and I wasn’t happy about that.  Did like her final comeuppance, but the lecture from Aunt Viv, which I saw coming early on, was definitely just that – a lecture.  Subtlety is your friend.

Legends of the Forbidden Temple – I was rooting for the returning contestants to get it to the end and win.  They almost won but it wasn’t quite fast enough.  Love seeing the original host pop up as well.  It sounds like they had a great time and were very satisfied to be there, which is all the really matters in the end.

Dancing with the Stars – Two couples going is always hard.  I do think there are some weak couples in the couples that are left, but I do feel that the couples who left should be going as well.  Honestly, I felt like the judges were a little 10 happy tonight.  Doesn’t give the couples much room to grow in the two weeks left.  And six couples are going to the semi-finals?  How is that even possible?  Do we have another double elimination next week and four couples making the finals?  Or a triple elimination next week?  Either way, it’s scary.

Supergirl – Definitely mixed reactions to the finale.  Some of it was good.  I felt like we got some great emotional closure to the storylines and the characters.  I loved seeing some of the moments between the characters, old and new.  On the other hand, many of the speeches were the kind of nonsense I have found frustrating with the show over the years.  They sounded more like a collection of buzzwords than anything else, and I feel like it is going to date the show very quickly.  At least I hope it will.  I did love the villain’s fate.  I was a bit surprised they defeated them as early in the hour as they did, but it allowed them time to not rush the character arc resolutions, which ultimately was a good thing.

Survivor – I honestly had no clue where that was going to go.  All I know is that Shan needs to go now.  She is getting more and more annoying every week.  And the fact that she keeps bragging about being a pastor without being anything like a leader should be is frustrating me as well.  Her pride needs to be broken.

Legends of Tomorrow – If the break for the last commercial had been the cliffhanger for the episode, I wouldn’t have been surprised.  Granted, we got a great cliffhanger as it was.  So, Zari and Nate living in the totem?  Is that what we are going to see next?  And yes, I loved how everyone was naming old cast members but not naming Constantine, who is actually playing this new character.

Batwoman – That took a dark turn at the end.  And for how dark the episode was overall, that’s truly saying something.  Marcus was the nice one, too.  And we’ve got a tragic story with the detective in charge as well.  They are setting up some interesting storylines for the rest of the season.

Frogger – They definitely didn’t save the best for last.  It was almost laughable how badly the various people did the entire way through.  And if I looked at someone and said they were going far, they didn’t.  As always, I will issue the disclaimer that I wouldn’t do any better myself.

United States of Al – They covered a lot of ground there, with ultimately three stories in the episode.  I was wondering when we might hear about Lizzie’s fiancé again.  I am glad they are continuing to work through that storyline.  Al with the kids was pretty funny – especially talking video games.

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