Saturday, November 27, 2021

November 27ths Weekly TV Thoughts

A very short list this week.  Not because my shows weren't on the air (although one was absent) but because I'm out of town for Thanksgiving and not sitting around watching TV.  Pretty good excuse, right?

The Equalizer – Look at that, no lectures.  And an entertaining episode, to boot.  I was actually surprised that their first suspect turned out to be the sniper.  I was expecting that to be a red herring.  I like that they are continuing to follow Dee’s journey trying to deal with the loss of her friend.  And, as much as she can be a typical teen at times, her speech sending Robin off for the finale was so wonderful and so mature.  I loved it!

Legends of the Hidden Temple – I was a jinx this week.  The teams left in the order I was rooting for them.  So the team I wanted to go all the way went out first, etc.  Having said that, the final team did a great job in the temple.  Congrats to them for winning.

Dancing with the Stars – I was wrong last week when I predicted that Jojo would win.  Honestly, I’m not sure who I wanted to win since the couples I was rooting for most went home last week.  Some wonderfully fun performances tonight, that’s for sure.

The Flash – You call that a crossover?  Two short scenes via a screen is not a major crossover event.  My guess is she wasn’t available for more thanks to filming the end of Supergirl, but still, it was disappointing.  Barry has a pretty big mind game going on right now.  The question is, how much is true, how much is false, and is the alien behind it or a victim as well?  Oh, and I am questioning whether Joe is really dead or not.  It’s a nice twist, but I suspect that if he were really going to die, we’d have seen it on screen.  They wouldn’t write off a major character like that on this show.

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