Saturday, November 20, 2021

November 20th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Legends of the Hidden Temple – So close.  So very close.  And after their close calls at being eliminated earlier in the competition, too.  Couldn’t believe they finished first at the Steps of Knowledge.  I need to pay more attention to see if they really have any choices in the temple itself, or if they have to follow a predetermined path.  Because it seems like all the teams always hit all the rooms.

Dancing with the Stars – That’s disappointing.  I was really enjoying Suni and Melora, so I’m sorry to see them go.  I fear that JoJo will wind up winning.  I haven’t found her as compelling as the judges have, but I had a feeling she would win all along.  It will be history making that way, after all, but I don’t feel she’s the best dancer.

The Flash – I liked the fact that we weren’t coming in off a cliffhanger.  Yes, it was a slow start to the episode, but it made for a nice chance to get some updates on the characters and set things in motion without a major crisis going on.  Of course, we did get that crisis eventually.  Ray’s time in the episode was definitely fun, although he didn’t feel quite like himself in the first half.  Still, have we discussed how much I miss him on Legends recently?

Survivor – I was hoping Evie could hold on.  Rather happy to see Naseer heading home however.  Anytime anyone says “you’re going home, it’s the easy vote,” I want them gone.  That challenge looked grueling!  I don’t know that I would have made it two seconds.

Legends of Tomorrow – It was nice to get some of the gaps in what has been happening filled in.  Honestly, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that explanation to begin with.  It was obvious who shot the Waverider at the end of last season, so I’m glad they did drag that out for very long.  Now, of course, if they twist it, I’ll most likely be on board again.  Other than that, it was a mostly character development episode without many outside characters.  Still, a good one.

Batwoman – I was surprised they let everyone else in on who Mary has turned into so quickly.  But then it ended without Mary getting rid of it, so clearly this is a part of a larger storyline.  And the actress is loving it.  She’s having fun and doing a great job being someone else.  I was happy to see that she let Ryan and Luke know how she is feeling, too.  Because she has some very good points as to how she is treated.

Frogger – I was wondering how they were going to work the finale.  Interesting twist on the old levels, although I still think those who had face the city crossing before had an advantage.  Crazy how close the final level was.  The winner was the one I was rooting for out of those three, so I’m happy.

United States of Al – The A Story was pretty predictable.  Fun, and I liked the character growth we saw, but predictable.  I got a kick out of the B story, with the dad being so insecure when find out who the ex is.  Overall, another enjoyable episode.

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