Saturday, January 15, 2022

January 15th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Things came back with a vengeance this week.  Including two new shows that I'm on the fence about.  We'll see if I continue with them or not.

Pivoting (1/9) – The premise of this sitcom sounding interesting (three friends changing their lives after the death of a fourth).  Plus, I’m already fans of two of the three leads.  I found parts of it funny, but I found other parts of it really unfunny.  I’ll definitely give it another change on Thursday before decided anything for sure.

Around the World in 80 Days – Got into this one much more than the first part.  I was surprised by the twist of the boy getting hurt, but I wasn’t surprised that they got him to the doctor on time.  Nice little wink and nod to Jules Verne there.  At some point, I should read his books.  Or listen to audio versions of them.

The Equalizer – Yes, I came back.  They managed to get a few digs in with the college sub-plot, but the politics wasn’t as bad as last week.  Funny thing is, I happen to think that college isn’t for everyone, depending on what you want to do with your life.  The main story was interesting with how it twisted and turned everywhere.  The message at the end is definitely one I can agree with – talk can lead to violence which can lead to death and tragedy.  And they’ve got things back to the way they were before.  I doubt we’ll face any danger from the new underground lair until the second season finale.

Legends of the Hidden Temple – Was that the first North American legend?  I guess we have had Hawaii, so never mind.  Pretty close game all the way around, but I feel like very very few people even make it to the item, much less get out with it.  Is it harder than it used to be?  (Not that I watched that many episodes of the original.)

Superman & Lois – Sorry, but Lois’s behavior seemed way too extreme for what she was going through, at least to me.  But it is going to set up an interesting dynamic this season with everyone living on the farm.  I wonder what is gong on with Sara.  New boyfriend, perhaps?  And, seriously could have done without “the talk” between Clark and the twins.

Naomi – I wasn’t planning to watch and changed my mind at the last minute.  I wasn’t that impressed.  It felt a little too frenetic, and it spent so long on the Superman thing that we weren’t getting close to any kind of revelation until the final moments.  I’ll give next week a try, but I’m not sold yet.

Wipeout – It’s back!  Not sure I have too much to say (may not have been paying close attention).  It was a nail bitter at the end.  Not sure which team I was rooting for to win, either.

Legends of Tomorrow – That was so much fun.  I suspected that these alternative Legends were robots, and I was glad they confirmed that so early on.  But it was great seeing this alternative take on the characters.  The season finale is going to be wild, although I feel like it won’t be the first time our Legends have gone up against themselves.  And that PSA at the end was perfect, too.

Batwoman – Wow!  Lots of interesting developments.  It’s going to take me a while to sort all of that out, I think.  As soon as they left Renee alone down there, I knew she would release the original Poison Ivy.  I did not see that twist with Marcus coming, although I did figure that they weren’t going to stick Mary with the needle.  And yes, the best scene?  It was Alice and Mary in the hotel room near the beginning.  Still love me some Alice.

The Amazing Race – I was wrong.  They did eliminate one more team before they stopped the race.  I’m wondering if those teams were invited back since others weren’t able to make it.  I hope the teams that couldn’t make it back are able to join in a later season.  Making the bagpipes would have driven me crazy.  I’m quickly learning I don’t have the patience for stuff like that.  Now sure how I would have done with learning the song, either, so I would have been included to go with the barrel making.

United States of Al – I’m a bit surprised with how that one went.  Pleasantly surprised, I might add.  Yes, Riley and Vanessa do need to be on the same side of these issues.  And she was wrong to punch the student.  So the ultimate outcome was right.  I’m surprised they didn’t talk a little more about how the boy was in the wrong, but it is also a good reminder that the only person we can control is ourselves.  The more I think about it, the more this was a mature episode.  Something we need more of in our world today.

Pivoting (1/13) – Again, a very mixed bag for me.  Part of it was funny.  Part of it was just trying too hard.  I’ll probably give it one more episode, then I’m out.

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