Saturday, January 22, 2022

January 22nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

A new show enters this week, and I make a decision on one of the new shows I started last week.  (Think I've decided on the other as well, but I'm less certain of that decision.)  All this and more on this week's Weekly TV Thoughts!

Around the World in 80 Days – Rather predictable main story this week.  And it’s ironic since my brother was preaching on the dangers of listening to “You deserve to be happy no matter what” and this real woman pops up in the show who did just that, abandoning her kids in the process.  I wonder just how much of what was presented here was true.

Legends of the Hidden Temple – I called this one early.  I knew the circus performers had the advantage, so I’m not surprised they made it to the temple.  I’m only surprised they actually won because everyone has had such a hard time getting the items from the temple, but I’m happy for them that they won it all.  Definitely didn’t need that political comment early in the movie, especially since it doesn’t make any sense – at least at whom they were aiming it.  He has plenty of moral failings, but that particular comment wasn’t one of them.

Superman & Lois – I called a couple of those plot twists early on.  This storyline with Lois’s old story was how we were going to get Lucy to Smallville.  I wasn’t that shocked about Sarah’s kiss; I thought she would have completely decided she was a lesbian over the summer with the way she was reacting.  And I knew Lana was going to run for mayor.  I’m still not sure what is in the mine, but it can’t be a good thing.

Naomi – I think I’m in.  This was a much better episode without all those quick cuts.  The mystery of who/what Naomi really is was intriguing as well.  If the show finds its footing, I’ll gladly continue on.  I found it interesting that Naomi pretty much ditched her glasses already.  Considering she was supposed to wear them to protect her eyes, I find it funny no discussion has been made about her not wearing them – even with her parents.  Speaking of whom, her dad is going to have an interesting job working on an anti-alien task force even while having an alien daughter.

Wipeout – I was hoping that the cat parents would lose, but they were good.  And when I saw how long the twins took to finish, I was surprised that the cat parents won.  I was rooting against them mainly because they don’t need any more 15 minutes of fame.  Shallow, I know.  Probably as shallow as their fame.

The Book of Boba Fett – I’ve caught up on all four episodes this past week.  I’ve never been a die-hard Boba Fett fan, so I wasn’t excited going into this, but I feel like this is moving slower than The Mandalorian does.  Part of it is the endless flashbacks.  I’m more interested in the here and now than in what happened in the past, but with the newest episode, that was once again the majority of it.  I hope the pacing picks up soon.

Legends of Tomorrow – And the winner of best sitcom this week goes to this show.  Seriously, I was laughing so hard at this episode with so many little bits.  I don’t know how the writers came up with all of this, but it was brilliant with so many great little moments.  And the episode allowed for some great characters growth, too.

Batwoman – Clearly, Pam isn’t going to kill Mary.  So what will happen now that the two of them have met.  Did Mary kill the man in the woods?  Or was that Pam?  Why was Diggle in this episode?  He was mostly irrelevant as far as I was concerned.  Yes, he was in the B story, but it felt like he wasn’t really needed even then.

The Amazing Race – I thought they might bring back more than the two eliminated teams since, by my count, they are still down more than they should have been.  I’m glad they were invited back.  But I guess it didn’t make any difference since the two eliminated teams came in the bottom two slots, and the first team was the first team eliminated again.  And is the race really the time to face your fears if you don’t have to?  What was Sheri thinking doing that challenge on the mountain side.  I do think with my fear of heights I might have been okay with that one since they had the ropes they were attached to.  Wouldn’t have been in the front of the pack, but I think I would have been faster.

United States of Al – The story of Al and poker was pretty predictable, but there were so many great laughs along the way.  Like that final line from Hazel.  The  B story with Lizzy and her new relationship were great.  Frankly, I’m loving that two of The Big Bang Theory occasional actors are showing up here regularly.

Pivoting – I didn’t laugh.  I didn’t smile.  I cringed most of the episode.  That’s it.  I’m out.

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