Saturday, December 17, 2016

December 17th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Another week, more winter finales.  You know, I can remember a time when shows quietly took a couple of weeks off for the holidays without making a big deal about it.  You know, like the beginning of this decade.  Of course, when shows take several months off, that certainly makes a different, and you'd want a big episode to keep people engaged.  But shows like The Big Bang Theory, which is coming back in just a few weeks?  Why call it a Winter Finale?

Okay, I'm done ranting about this.  Let's get to what I actually watched.

The Librarians – What a fun episode.  I knew Eve wouldn’t actually die, but how they were going to get around the prophecy was just so much fun.  I’d caught that the cleaning lady wasn’t with them in the flashbacks, too, and I kept going back to her just about the time the characters did.

The Odd Couple – As predictable storylines go, the twists weren’t that surprising.  And yet there was still something sweet about it.  And I’m not talking about those two cakes.  Plus I was having fun since I think Merv is my favorite character.  I truly wish he were in every episode.  Definitely one of the better episodes this season.

Team Ninja Warrior: College Madness – I’ve always been interested in the state of Ohio, so they were my first choice, but Wisconsin was my second.  So many close finishes!  And once again, the two teams that started faced each other at the end.  Just to make a liar out of me since I pointed it out last week, right?

Survivor – I would have been okay with any of them winning, but I was rooting for Adam the most.  Yes, the story about his mom got to me, and I almost lost it when he won and again when he was talking about what happened when he got home.  Amazing season.  So many twists even tonight.  I was laughing at that fake necklace, too.  Very well played, Dave.

Designated Survivor – I’ve been hearing that the show takes on more of a 24 vibe as it goes along.  Wow, was that the case this week.  Hannah is so much danger, on the run, and barely affected by her injuries.  Split second dangers and misses.  And going from one cliffhanger to another.  The show comes back on my birthday, which gives me two reasons to look forward to the day.

The Big Bang Theory – Poor Amy.  She tries to do something that will excite Sheldon and it backfires because she went to Wizarding World without him.  That was a great joke at the end as the group identified Howard and Bernadette’s baby, although I think I will get tired of that joke soon.  It was a great tribute to the actress who played Howard’s mother, but I think it needs to be a one time joke.  Still, I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt until I see how they play it.

The Great Indoors – More episodes like this please.  We weren’t having one person being stupid, we had two friends helping each other out to overcome weaknesses.  And yet it was still so very funny.  Not at all appropriate morally, but still pretty funny.

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