Saturday, May 6, 2017

May 6th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Phew!  I did it!  Not only did I watch all the shows that aired while I was gone, I also watched all of this week's shows.  That's a lot of TV.  I am missing Arrow yet thanks to a stupid baseball game preemption.  It's not airing until tonight, and it's not on demand, so I will have to include it next week.

And that's enough into because this is a long list.

Designated Survivor (4/26) – I found the big reveal of who the mole was to be disappointing.  I was expecting it to be someone we knew.  Heck, I don’t know if we even know this guy’s name.  However, the rest of the episode was fantastic!  Twists, turns, political intrigue, new developments on the conspiracy, and Hannah kidnapped.  I’m really looking forward to seeing where all of this goes next.

Big Bang Theory (4/27) – I think I’m most disappointed about never seeing Zach’s fiancée.  I should have seen the ending coming.  Bernadette as a ventriloquist is something else.  I’m with Howard that it’s a little creepy.  But how clear the accented voice was is pretty amazing to me.  Yes, I saw her lips move a little, but that is definitely a hidden talent.

The Great Indoors (4/27) – The break up sub-plot was the best part of the episode.  Although it looks like we are finally about to kick Paul to the curb.  Can’t wait to see that happen.

Once Upon a Time (4/30) – That was a twist I did not see coming at all.  Rumple was born a savior?  Wow!  So what is his plan now?  I’m sure he’s up to something, but I sure don’t see it.  Love Henry being the best man.  And I can’t wait for the musical wedding next week.  I loved the moments between Regina and Zelena, I loved the fact that the car she was learning to drive in was GREEN, and I loved it when she showed up and hit the Black Fairy.  Basically, I loved all of her scenes.

Supergirl – Episodes like this was very predictable.  You knew they’d save Alex at the last second.  You knew they’d have to work through their issues and realize the other was right.  The most interesting thing is the Lena sub-plot.  Now that she sort of knows who she is dealing with, what does she think she is doing?  And what is the plan really going to be because you know that Lena is being used.

Dancing with the Stars – I wasn’t aware we had a double elimination.  As the dance offs showed, these couples are all very good, or at least are all very good when put head to head.  I’m sorry to see the two couples go, although I’m not too surprised.  The next few weeks will be interesting.

The Great Indoors – I enjoyed this more than I thought I would.  Of course, the parts with Emma and the two guys were the best.  They need to kick Paul to the curb already.

Angie Tribeca – I could have done without the sex scene even if it was pretty funny the way it was done.  However, the rest of the episode was great.  So much silliness.  So many sight gags and just gags in general.  I was laughing through the entire thing.

The Flash – I was beginning to suspect who Savitar was early in the episode, but I wasn’t completely sure until they confirmed it.  So I want to know what turns him into this villain.  And for that matter, why he would kill his true love?  Great twist that manages to not feel like a retread from the previous two seasons.

Team Ninja Warrior – This season is insane.  So many come from behind victories in one episode.  Of course, since each episode features several “favorites” it’s no surprise that one or two are knocked out.  It is unpredictable and so much fun to watch.

Survivor – I think voting out Zeke at this point was risky.  Yes, he is a move maker.  But it’s so easy for the minority to flip someone at this point.  One more position would have made it harder to have a flip happen.  And if we’ve seen nothing so far this season, it’s that the players have no problem flipping.

Designated Survivor – Agent Wells is in the middle of the ocean?  She’s in so much trouble.  And is Jason dead?  Sure looks like it to me.  (How could he fall for the animal decoy, too?)  Hookstratten is going to be Secretary of Education, a step down, but she’s grown on me, so I’m happy she’ll at least be able to pop in.  And I love the human moments, Kirkman with his wife, the picture boarding Air Force One.  Those things really make the show.

The Big Bang Theory – Amy out of town.  That should be interesting next week.  And since next week is the season finale, it will be an interesting cliffhanger, I’m sure.  With Raj moving into Burt’s garage, I guess we will see more of him next season.  I prefer him in small doses, so we will see how that goes.

The Amazing Race – I have always wanted to visit Venice, so you can imagine how jealous I was of the teams tonight.  The tasks not so much.  Singing a song I’ve just learned, one that complicated, and in a foreign language would be out.  And my artistic ability is very small, so that wouldn’t have been a good task for me either.  How lucky is that team that came in last?  Second time and they are still in the race.

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