Saturday, November 24, 2018

November 24th's Weekly TV Thoughts

As is tradition Thanksgiving week, this is a little shorter than normal since I'm out of town with family.  I'm only missing Survivor, but I will catch up for next week.

Supergirl – At least we have an alien who is evil.  Oh, we aren't going to see it that way at the end, but his motives for going after the humans (they killed his fiancee) is about as strong as this group's motives are.  I'm wondering how the new leader at the DEO is going to play into all this by the end of the season.

God Friended Me – I did not see the pregnant woman coming back into the episode.  In fact, I'd kind of forgotten about her until she opened the door.  I'm glad she didn't take the guy back right away.  I'm going to believe they do work things out and live happily ever after, but they have a few things to work through first.

Arrow – Well, that wasn't a magic bullet to get Oliver out right away last week.  And it appears that Oliver is quite out by next week.  I'm surprised we caught Diaz.  Again, looks like he is still going to be trouble going forward, and we still have the longbow archers, but having him behind bars is a major development I wasn't expecting yet.  Still not happy about the future storyline, however.

Legends of Tomorrow – Nate's dad has his own agenda?  I should have seen that coming, but I didn't.  Nora's supposed to be a series regular this year, so I'm curious how she is going to factor in going forward.  The sub-plot with the monsters at the office turned out to be pretty funny, and I had forgotten about Rory's writing.  Enjoyed them bring that back into things.

Dancing with the Stars – Clearly this was the season where the people’s votes made the most difference.  That’s the only way Bobby wins.  He was fun to watch, but he wasn’t the best dancer.  After last week, I wasn’t that surprised when he won.  Of the finalists, Milo was my pick to win.

The Flash – I was not expecting the revelations about Caitlin’s father and Killer Frost tonight.  So her father has an evil cold twin as well, and he created Killer Frost.  I was glad to see that this side of Caitlin returned.  I liked what they were doing with her and Caitlin’s character through her.  I’m assuming this is very different from the comic books since I know Killer Frost was a villain, but I think I like their version better.

This is Us – We finally got to see more of Miguel’s family.  I’m sorry to see they treat him so horribly still.  I can get being upset at the time, but I would hope a family would grow beyond that.  I’m sorry to see they are making Tess a lesbian, but I know they needed some character to be one on the show.  Kevin got short changed, but there was so much else going on, I completely understand how that happened.

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