Sunday, June 13, 2021

Cookie Review: S'mores Oreo

Stars: 2 out of 5
Pros: Graham cracker outside cookies are good
Cons: The insides are sweet with no distinctive flavor
The Bottom Line:
A summer flavor
Recreated favorite?
Does not work for me

Not too Surprised with My Reaction, but I Wanted to Like These S’more

I’ve learned that there really is no substitute for Marshmallows.  I’ve tried many things that are supposed to have those flavors in them over the years, and I always feel like the taste is artificial.  I still had to try the new Limited Edition S’mores cookies from Oreo.  They were about what I expected.

These cookies are a twist on the classic Oreo.  The outside cookies are tan graham cracker flavored cookies.  The inside has two layers - one chocolate, the other marshmallow.  Or, at least that is the way it is supposed to be.  The reality is that the inside is just sweet.  There isn’t quite enough of either flavor to really taste them individually.  And yes, I know that the s’more combines the chocolate and marshmallow flavors as well, but this just doesn’t work.

I think part of the reason it doesn’t work here is that the marshmallows in a s’more are hot.  That gives them a different flavor, and it warms up the chocolate as well.  Here’s they taste sweet, but it’s a fake sweet.  Sometimes, if I really concentrate, I can get a bit of chocolate flavor or marshmallow flavor, but that isn’t enough to recommend them.

The best part is the graham cracker cookies.  They taste pretty much like real graham crackers.  But I’d rather have the originals, either with real chocolate and marshmallows or on their own.  (I know they are considered a kid’s snack, but graham crackers on their own really are good every so often.)

I can’t say I’m disappointed because this is what I was expecting when it came to the S’mores Oreos.  But I can’t recommend them either.

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