Saturday, November 6, 2021

November 6th's Weekly TV Thoughts

The Equalizer – I’m surprised they had Robin get arrested already.  But when I saw the threat she was ultimately working on, I got it.  We can drop this part of the storyline for a bit.  I wasn’t surprised the DA did what she did.  It was the obvious thing to do.  But it did feel a bit predictable.  I did not see the villain coming, although I should have.  Didn’t need the lecture, although at least it was brief, and the rest of the episode was strong.

Legends of the Hidden Temple – Once again, we have a legend with a horrible father.  Seriously?  Can’t we get one with a good father?  The guys sure did fall apart in the temple.  It was a silver monkey.  I’d probably do the same thing, so I can’t really say much about how long it took him, however.

Dancing with the Stars – They talk about them doing two dancing, but they did two full dancing a couple weeks ago during Disney week.  It was just on two different nights, but it was still earlier than they usually do it.  Not surprised to see The Miz go, but I’m sorry to see it since I enjoyed watching him.  Surprised JoJo was in the bottom two.  I doubt she will go home anytime soon, however, since the judges will keep saving her if she should wind up down there again.

Stargirl – That was…interesting.  So much fighting.  So much going on in the first half, it was a little much and a little overwhelming.  I get they wanted to have everyone included, but still.  I’m glad they defeated Eclipso when they did.  Much more of that fighting would have been too much.  It took pretty much a who’s who of characters to do it, too.  However, they set up quite a few interesting storylines for next season in the second half.

Supergirl – I did not see that coming.  I really didn’t think that William was going to die.  Of course, I knew he wasn’t going to be Kara’s love interest any more or they would have built it up more by now.  They’ve set things up well for an explosive two part series finale.

Survivor – Wow!  That was just insane.  I can understand people being upset, however.  In their efforts to twist things up, it makes it hard to do anything.  It makes it a bit more entertaining for us since we don’t get the few episodes in a row where there is an alliance and those not in it are doomed to be voted out, but still, it feels a bit much.

Legends of Tomorrow – I am having such fun with this season!  Another fantastic, fun episode.  The moralizing was a bit heavy handed.  They aren’t wrong, but toning it down a bit would have been fine.  But that’s a minor complaint.  I laughed several times.  I thought the two groups were going to meet up again.  However, I’m finding I’m actually enjoying them apart, so I’m not completely upset about it.  I think the reason I’m enjoying this is it is allowing us to get to know the characters a bit better.  And, speaking of which, we got development on several fronts there.  It’s like the writers of the good seasons have returned from a break.

Batwoman – I was not expecting that twist at the end.  Batwoman’s mom is the villain of the season?  Or at least more than just an evil business owner?  That’s going to create drama.  I’m sorry they are going there with the romance.  Isn’t it a little cliché for Sophie to fall for the new Batwoman?  Talk about having a type.

Frogger – Not too much to say about this episode.  They tried hard.  I’ll definitely give them that.  But the performances weren’t too outstanding.  Granted, I wouldn’t have done much better, if I were being honest.

United States of Al – That episode got some laughs out of me, especially at the end.  I think maybe I’ve been a little too hard on the show.  But so many sweet moments with the characters.  I really am growing to love them very quickly.

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