Monday, November 8, 2021

TV Show Review: Legends of Tomorrow - Season 6

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: A few episodes are fun
Cons: Overall, a bit too dark and messy for me
The Bottom Line:
Aliens abduct
A dark and messy season
Hopefully, show’s low

“Being an Avenger is Stupid.”

For a year or two, Legends of Tomorrow has been sliding from its panicle as the most fun show in the Arrowverse.  It’s taken dark turns and just tried too hard.  It didn’t improve in season six.

Naturally, season six picked up moments after season 5 ended.  That means it isn’t long before the Legends realize that Sara Lance (Caity Lotz) has been kidnapped by aliens.  However, she isn’t traveling alone.  Instead, she quickly finds that Gary (Adam Teskhman) has come with her, for better or worse.  Meanwhile, Ava (Jes Macallan) is trying to figure out how to rescue her girlfriend and step up as the captain of the ship.

Of course, this event is also a tip off to aliens invading the timeline.  The Legends start hopping through time, hoping to find an alien who will lead them to Sara.  They also pick up Spooner (Lisseth Chavez), who is an alien conspiracy nut, even claiming to have been abducted by aliens at one point in her life.  It doesn’t sound so crazy suddenly, does it?  Meanwhile, Constantine (Matt Ryan) is trying to get his magic back while taking on Astra (Alivia Swann) as an apprentice.

Legends is an ensemble show, and that means it works best when the gang is all working together for some goal.  Of course, some episodes focus more on one character over others, but I still enjoy seeing everyone interacting.  With Sara off by herself, the show loses some of its dynamic.  Sadly, the writers kept her isolated for more episodes than she should have been.  Oh, she has Gary with her, but he’s an irritating character, and the less said about what they did to him, the better.  Well, I’ll just say this – it makes no logical sense based on what has happened with his character in the past.

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t really improve in the second half of the season.  While we are still fighting aliens, Constantine’s quest to regain his magic heats up, and it becomes a clumsy metaphor for addiction.  Sorry, but I’ve seen it done before and done better by other shows.  His darkness has been a problem for me all along, and this part of his storyline didn’t help.

And, again, I’ll mention the revolving door problem the show has.  Despite my saying earlier the show works best when all the characters are together, I’m still struggling here to connect with some of the newer characters.  Part of it is I don’t find them as engaging as the characters who have left, and part of it is trying to connect to several at once each year when major storylines are revolving around other characters.

There were a few normal episodes that I enjoyed along the way.  That and wanting to keep up with all the Arrowverse shows kept me coming back.  And maybe it would be better if I had binged the season so I didn’t lose plot threads and could connect with the characters better.

Season six consisted of fifteen episodes, fairly standard for this show.  As with last season, there were no COVID related production issues, at least as far as we as the audience could tell.  Everything wrapped up the way the writers intended, including with another explosive cliffhanger.

So far, season seven of Legends of Tomorrow has been back to their original fun adventures, and I’m enjoying the season.  I’m glad I didn’t give on it during season six as a result.

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