Saturday, November 29, 2014

November 29th's Weekly TV Thoughts

I actually didn't do that badly with being out of town for Thanksgiving and getting my shows watched.  I only missed two shows.  Of course, all catch up on them when I get home.

Gotham – I know I said if I wasn’t super impressed, I’d drop this show.  I haven’t quite pulled the trigger, but I am seriously thinking about it.  The show has some great moments, but it’s not really pulling me in still.  If it were on another night, I might keep watching it, but I don’t need anything else on Mondays.

Castle – I am so happy they didn’t go for the obvious proposal ending of the episode.  Great for a more serious episode and one that focused on a supporting character.  I wasn’t worried about Espo, but I was worried about some of the other characters.  And I love how Castle twisted the familiar setup yet again.  You can read my full recap here.

Dancing with the Stars – Everyone was talking about how close this final was, and they were right.  I honestly didn’t know who I was rooting for.  I was a little surprised that Derek left in fourth, although he’s won enough.  Anyway, those freestyles were amazing.  My favorite had to be the Super Mario themed one.  I loved how they made all the music work.  With how much Alfonzo wanted it and how long he’d wanted to be on the show, I’m thrilled he won.  But really, I think I would have been happy with any of them.  They were all amazing dancers.

The Flash – One of their more serious episodes this week, but I liked how what he went through impacted the doctor and showed him how Barry’s connection to people is the most important part of who he is.  Interesting that they killed off two metahumans.  But really, what is the “good” doc up to?

The Amazing Race – I always hate it when a favorite team goes out for taking a great risk that didn’t pay off.  At least the fact that the rest of the teams have ganged up on the two teams I like the most didn’t make them fight each other at the end.  Oh well, now I can root on the surfers all the way.


  1. I thought this was a good year for Dancing with the Stars. I liked Sadie and Alfonzo so I would've been fine with either winner though I did think Alfonzo and Whitney had done such a great job. You keep tempting me to go back to watching Castle. I watched it for the beginning but dropped it a couple of seasons ago but now I'm confused!

    1. Castle is so much week to week cases you could probably jump in and still enjoy. But I do recommend you catch up again. I still really enjoy the show.