Sunday, May 31, 2020

Disney Pin Review: The Enchanted Tiki Room - Crests of the Kingdom - 2019 Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Captures the Enchanted Tiki Room
Cons: Would have been nice to have other elements
The Bottom Line:
Show of singing birds
Well represented with crest
A fun Tiki pin

It’s a Tiki Crest

In my mind, The Enchanted Tiki Room provides a great afternoon stop during a trip to Disneyland.  You get to spend 20 minutes sitting down in air conditioning.  Plus the show is fun; I always enjoy it.  So I was glad to see it pop up in the Crests of the Kingdom pin series.

The front of this pin is raised pewter.  While all of it is a silver color, it is raised enough that we can easily see the design.  Not surprising, it features three birds, one of the parrots that is the host of the show, and two of the female birds that make up the chorus.  At the bottom is a pineapple, appropriate since Dole has hosted the show for years, and right in front is the stand that sells Dole Whip.  Around the crest is the Latin phrase “Cantabo Aves Tropicae” or “Tropical Birds Sing.”  Definitely describes this show.

Of course, the pin is hinged, and you can open it up to find a fully color scene inside.  Once again, we’ve got two birds.  In the foreground, we’ve got Jose, the main host, and behind him is Collette.  Or at least that’s who I’ve decided they are.  Who knows which of the birds from the show they are supposed to be.  Around them are flowers, plants, and impressions of other birds.

It would have been nice if a few of the other elements of the show could have been worked into the pin design, but I get it.  Everyone thinks of birds when they think of the Tiki Room.  So this is a minor complaint on my part.  Overall, I love this pin.  The colors on the inside part are beautiful.  The outside crest is creative and also perfectly captures the show.

The creativity in these pins is wonderful, and I find them a must have for anyone who enjoys the attractions.  That is why I am so happy I got the Crest of the Kingdom for The Enchanted Tiki Room.

Check out the pictures of the pin I've posted on Instagram.

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