Sunday, May 10, 2020

Disney Pin Review: Kaa - Windows of Evil - 2018 Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Great looking Window of Kaa
Cons: No fun Easter eggs
The Bottom Line:
Kaa becomes window
Overall, this pin looks great
But miss Easter eggs

Trust In Me, This is a Good Pin

As I discussed a couple of months ago, there are some characters that are considered Disney villains that I have a hard time viewing as such.  Kaa, the snake from The Jungle Book, is one of those characters.  And he’s the subject of the Windows of Evil pin I’m looking at this month.

It’s obvious by just a glance you we are looking at when you see this pin.  Kaa is front and center.  His face takes up a third of the pin, and he’s surrounded by leaves.  He is in the jungle, after all.  Above his face, you can see the rest of his body coiled up on a branch.  The frames of this pin are stylized to look like leaves.

Like the other pins in this limited edition series, this is all crafted to look like stained glass.  I love the look and this pin captures it well.  You can even see that Kaa is in the middle of trying to hypnotize someone.

This pin doesn’t have the hidden Easter eggs I enjoy so much with other pins in the series.  Then again, Kaa is pretty much a loner character.  Most of his interactions are with characters who show up in the corresponding Windows of Magic pin.  Plus, the fact that they weren’t trying to squeeze in any cameos makes the overall pin easier to see.

Back to whether Kaa is a villain.  Yes, he did try to eat Mowgli.  Twice.  I can see why people label him as such.  I view him more as a hungry opportunist.  I picture a villain as someone who is plotting evil, so I view Shere Khan as the villain of the movie.  But Disney did choose Kaa for the pin, so this is all beside the point, right?

And the main point is, this is a fun addition to the Windows of Evil pin series.  Kaa might not have any Easter eggs, so he is still a nice window.

You can see pictures of this pin on my Instagram feed.

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