Saturday, May 2, 2020

May 2nd's Weekly TV Thoughts

I've got a first today, the first time I go back and share second thoughts on a show.

Batwoman – That first scene?  I wish it were real.  And I hope that Kate isn’t going crazy any more with her guilt any more.  The way they were showing that was weird.  I’m glad Mary has officially joined the team.  I hope that’s as much fun as it sounds like it will be.  Very curious to see if we can find that diary.

God Friended Me – For a wrap up they had to pull together at the last minute, I actually liked it.  They gave us the happy endings we needed, including Miles finding his faith again.  They even worked in a Bible verse.  Then they had to go and ruin it with that ending with a Buddhist monk and saying “she” has been waiting for you.  I know, I know, I shouldn’t have gotten my hopes up from a TV show.  I would have forgiven them the entire speech at the end if it hadn’t ended that way.  Oh well, I’ll cling to the good moments of the show, and there were many of them along the way.

Second thoughts on God Friended Me - I wrote the above on Sunday immediately after having finished the finale.  Then I read the producer’s interview on the ending, and it sounds like I may have misjudged the ending.  “She,” in their minds, was the next step forward in Miles’ journey and not God.  I can see that.  If so, I would actually be okay with the way the show ended.

The Baker and the Beauty – I love how they are showing Daniel as resourceful.  I think Noa is truly being honest with him at the moment, but I wonder if she will lose interest at some point only to realize how much she really does love him.  They sure do seem to be leading up to that.  And his family is driving me crazy, especially the story with his sister.  That is a train wreck waiting to happen.  I hope it doesn’t become as preachy as I expect it to be because that would kill my interest in the show.

The Flash – Finally the secret is out.  I love the scene where Barry was explaining it all.  But the real heart breaker was that final scene.  It was perfectly written and perfectly acted.  Those two have done such a great job of creating the characters and showing us the love between them.  I obviously missed something with Caitlin.  I didn’t remember her getting sick or injured.  It’s a great storyline to potentially write around her pregnancy, too.  (Although I can’t remember when the actress is due.)

Legends of Tomorrow – I wasn’t that surprised that the first guy turned out to be Jack the Ripper.  I’ve got to say that episode was much more along the lines of the fun I expect from the show.  They seem to be going back and forth between super dark and fun.  I miss the show that could be fun every week.

Survivor – I would have liked to see what would have happened had Tony not won immunity.  Would people have voted him out?  Or would they still have ganged up on the person who thought voting him out was a good idea?

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