Saturday, May 16, 2020

May 16th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Yes, there will be some whining below and next week.  When we are dealing with unplanned cliffhangers that won't be resolved until January or May of next year, I get to whine a little.

Disney Family Sing Along II – I was smiling just as much for this one.  I love that they included some classic mother songs since it aired on Mother’s Day, including a song I forgot about from Peter Pan.  The Houghs stole the show again.  I mean, how did they do all of that with stuff they have at home?  I’m sure they got some help, but still, wow!

Batwoman – This is all leading somewhere, and I would love to know where it is going to go.  Instead, we get the early season finale next week.  And I thought I wasn’t going to be back for next season.  I bet it will now.  Alice knows the secret?  Yikes!  Luke figured it out, but those glasses were a nice touch.  And I’m loving having Mary on the team.

Supergirl – Sean Astin and Willie Garson!  Yes, I was way too excited for the guest stars in this episode.  Again, it’s killing me knowing that next week is the season finale and we won’t really get resolutions to anything.  I suspect we will get killer cliffhangers.  They are really going to have a different show next season regardless.  I mean, blowing up the DEO?  That’s a pretty major change to everything.  I’m so glad Lena same back and realized what she’s really been doing.  I wasn’t expecting it, but I’m very happy it happened.

The Baker and the Beauty – Really?  You are going to drop that bombshell on Daniel just before you get out of the car?  That didn’t make Noa look very good.  The mother/daughter scenes fell into a cliché.  So did the father with the brother, but I really liked how that played out.  And they are going for the café.  No surprise, but I’m glad to see that.  Vanessa’s about to become a huge problem even though how Daniel and Noa met wasn’t nearly as bad as the reporter was trying to make it sound.

The Flash – I’m trying to decide if that cliffhanger was worse than normal for a season ender or not.  It’s was certainly bad, and I wish we could find out how they are going to get Iris back next week.  Who knows when they will be back filming again.  Sigh.  I will wait, but I never said I’d wait patiently.

Legends of Tomorrow – That was fun.  That’s the kind of fun this show is supposed to be and that I’ve been missing so much this season.  I’m glad to know they finished filming the season so I can relish these cliffhangers instead of wondering when they will be resolved.  Yes, the character arcs were predictable, but that’s also part of the charm of the show.

Survivor – I’m not sure how I feel about Tony winning.  As impressed as I am with Natalie making it back in the game, I’m glad she didn’t win.  Voting out first to winning it all?  No.  Just no.  I’m sorry Michelle didn’t get any votes at all.  She deserved some – she would have had mine.  But I am most impressed by the jury.  Normally, I fast forward through that part of the finale as it can get pretty bitter.  Instead, they were respectful and complimentary.  That’s a level of maturity I really can respect.  I love Amber saying what I have thought about her win.  But hey, the two of them seem very happy together, and I love seeing that.  That’s the ultimate prize.  I miss the reunion.  I was looking forward to the reunion.  But I understand why it didn’t happen.  I didn’t feel like they slowed down the finale to make it stretch for three hours, but I do think they could have trimmed some fat earlier in the season if they wanted to.  Overall, this was a great season.  Let’s do it again in the fall.

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