Sunday, May 24, 2020

Disney Pin Review: it's a small world - Minnie Mouse the Main Attraction #4 - 2020 Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Two pins capture ride in a fun way
Cons: Minnie herself looks odd
The Bottom Line:
small world pin set
Two of the pins make me smile
But Minnie looks odd

A Favorite Attraction, but Minnie Looks Odd

Of all the things impacted by the situation going on in our world right now, one of the least stressful has been my pin collecting.  Okay, so I may have stressed a bit trying to get the releases for Minnie Mouse: The Main Attraction (and I’m still missing March’s release), but I was extremely happy to get the release for April, even though this set inspired by it’s a small world is my least favorite to date.

For the first time in the collection, Minnie Mouse has stayed relatively close by in her travels.  In March, she was visiting the Tea Cups, and in April, she has moved on to it’s a small world, just a couple of minutes walk away.

The pin set features three pins as always.  The first is the clock face.  And I do mean face.  It’s a giant circle with the smiling face on it.  On the attraction, it ticks and tocks back and forth.  Here, it’s a hot pink color with a teal green face painted on it.  The second pin is the Minnie Mouse ears.  They are pink and purple with flowers on the ears.  The bow itself is teal with the numbers on the side of the clock face on it.  I love that touch.  In fact, I love these two pins.  I tend to think of small world as white, which is the color of the outside, at least here in California, but I recognize that the teals, pinks, and purples are also associated with the ride.

It’s Minnie that is the problem for me.  They’ve decked her out in pink and teal and purple as well, including her skin.  It just looks weird.  I know I got used to the stylized colors on the Disney Wisdom Collection last year, so I might adjust to this one eventually, but it won’t be right away.

But two out of three pins is still good, and the other two pins are great.  As I’ve been saying, I do love this attraction, so that’s a huge plus for me as well.

I’m hoping that The Disney Store gets their website working right as I will be buying these from the site for the foreseeable future.  I almost gave up on getting this series beyond the first two, but I am glad I tracked down the pins for it’s a small world and look forward to visiting more attractions with Minnie Mouse.

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