Saturday, July 11, 2020

July 11th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Hollywood Game Night – That was a complete reversal of fortune.  And one that stuck, too.  I’m so used to the person who is behind coming back in the final game it was actually shocking when it didn’t happen.  I was yelling out clues to some of the people they passed on the final game.  But I get it – under pressure it’s hard to come up with good clues sometimes.

The Titan Games – No upsets this week.  The men have been very consistent so far, only one time has a Titan lost there.  I felt sorry for the guy who was clearly injured.  The women really went all out on the second challenge.  That was close.  Yes, I was disappointed since I was rooting for Jessie, but she fought hard and had a good strategy that just didn’t quite pay off.

Stargirl – That episode didn’t end the way I thought it would – we didn’t take the villain out.  I’m not sure how that would have ended since she was so powerful.  It was nice to see the rest of the team out on their own.  Classic final moment in Courtney’s bedroom.  And the scenes back at the villain’s house were wonderfully tense.  It’s definitely time to bring in Mom.  She’s going to be upset when she finds out about this.

Cannonball – Another show with commentators who are supposed to be funny but aren’t.  I’m ready for that genre to die (says the guy who watches several of them).  However, I’ll give the show another few weeks before I decide for sure.  Mike might grow on me, and the stunts were impressive.  Although, as someone afraid of heights, I wouldn’t do well on the show at all.

Holey Moley – Every single person got wet in the first round.  But it looks like they let them get nice again for the final round.  Laughing pretty hard at the deal with the lifeguard.  I feel like they were trying to promote something that has not been a ratings success for ABC.  I bet they were wishing that wasn’t the point of this episode now.

Don’t – The sisters did pretty well at the beginning, but they fell apart at the end.  I’m not sure I would have done that well with the last couple of challenges.  And I know I would not have done as well eating spicy food.  I had trouble watching that one.  I hate spice!  Fortunately, they chose the right sister to do that one because she earned them most of their money right there.

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