Monday, July 27, 2020

Ornament Review: Happy Halloween! #8 - Frankenstein - 2020 Hallmark Release

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute Frankenstein themed ornament
Cons: None for me
The Bottom Line:
Frankenstein, pumpkin
Combine in cute ornament
Light decoration

This Ornament?  It’s Alive!

I keep thinking that Hallmark will run out of ideas for their Happy Halloween! series.  After all, how many monsters can there be?  But each year, they release a new ornament that surprises me in a good way.  This year is no exception.

Our monster for 2020 is Frankenstein’s Monster.  (And yes, I’ll just be calling him Frankenstein the rest of the time.)  As always, the outside of this ornament is a pumpkin.  The pumpkin has got a scar on its forehead and its mouth is wide wide open, allowing us to see the scene inside.

Inside, we’ve got Frankenstein just getting up off the table that he was lying on when he was brought to life.  The table is shiny and looks metal.  Pasted to the back and sides of the pumpkin are items from the rest of the mad scientist’s lab.  Frankenstein himself is sitting up with his arms in front of him and a smile on his face.

Now, I’ll admit I’ve never read the book or seen any movies versions of Frankenstein, but I don’t picture him smiling at any point in the story.  However, it is perfectly in keeping with this series, which presents these classic monsters in cuter, more friendly formats.

And that’s why I started this series.  It is fun to have something to put out at Halloween, and these are cute.  This ornament is no exception.  I also love the way the pumpkin changes to reflect the monster, in this case, that scar.  Something about the way he has his mouth open seems like Frankenstein, too.

Naturally, as a pumpkin, this ornament has a nice, flat base, so you can set it out as part of a display if you wish.  As an ornament, it is designed to be hung as well, and you’ll find that it tips back ever so slightly when you go to hang it.  That actually works out okay since it allows you to see the scene inside the pumpkin a little easier.

Since this is part of one of Hallmark’s series, you’ll find the series marker, in this case an 8 in a Christmas tree, on the bottom of the ornament.  And yes, I still maintain they should have switched things up for this series and made it a pumpkin instead of a Christmas tree.

If you are looking to add something fun to your Halloween decorations, I definitely recommend this year’s addition to the Happy Halloween! series.  It’s mostly cute with just a touch of scary, so perfect for a light hearted display.

Be sure to check out the rest of the Happy Halloween! series.

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