Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Ornament Review: Princess Peach - 2019 Hallmark Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Princess Peach captured well
Cons: Tips to the right
The Bottom Line:
A Princess in pink
Looking pleased to be on tree
Looks great but does tilt

A Peach of a Princess Ornament

Over the last few years, Hallmark has released a handful of Mario and Luigi ornaments.  In 2019, they expanded with more characters from the franchise.  It’s not a surprise that one of them was Princess Peach.

In the original Super Mario Bros., Mario and Luigi were on a quest to rescue her.  Over the years, she’s become a character we can play in various games with her own abilities.  Personally, I always chose her for her jumping ability in Super Mario Bros. 2.

Those familiar with the character won’t be surprised to learn she is wearing a pink dress.  It’s probably supposed to be peach, but I’ve always thought it looked like she was wearing pink.  I’m a little surprised about the pink parasol since I don’t usually picture her with one of those, but maybe it’s just been too long since I played the games to recognize it.  She’s got long flowing blond hair and a crown on her head.

It’s a simple ornament in some ways, but it does capture the character perfectly.  She’s smiling at us, not in action, but that’s a minor complaint.  If we get more ornaments with her, I’m sure we’ll get some action ornaments as well.

While her dress is so long and flowing that we don’t see her feet, Peach still has a big enough base that she can be set out and displayed anywhere you’d like to put her.  The base, at least on mine, is a bit uneven, but that’s okay since she’s still sturdy enough that she won’t tip over.

When you go to hang her on your tree, you’ll find she does tip slightly to the right.  It’s definitely noticeable, although she doesn’t look too bad that way.  Depending on how you arrange her with your branches, you can probably disguise it if it bothers you.

It’s a shame about the tip, but overall, Princess Peach is a great looking ornament.  It was nice to see more of the Super Mario characters appear.  I hope we get more in the years to come.

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