Saturday, July 18, 2020

July 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Cannonball (7/12) – It appears I can watch this twice a week, although at some point I will hit repeats, I’m sure.  This was a better episode than the one from last week.  The commentary was much less annoying.  Mostly different stunts, too.  I’m with those who struggled with the heights but very impressed with how well the winner did.

Press Your Luck – Wow!  So close to winning it all.  And if he hadn’t hit a Wammy, he definitely would have.  What an impressive amount of cash and prizes he got along the way.

Match Game – I would have matched all six celebrities with the dog question.  I would have matched quite a few with the other question that round, but not all since the panels didn’t all have the same answer.  As a fan of Joanna Garcia Swisher from her days on Reba, how fun to get to see her husband on the panel.

Titan Games – Again, both handpicked Titans were out right away.  Duane isn’t good at picking them, I guess.  Not that I’m complaining because I was rooting for both of the people who won.  Okay, I liked all the contestants, but I was more impressed with those two.  Especially after the guy forced the tie breaker so quickly.  That was very impressive.

Stargirl – A double cliffhanger.  Mom is about to find out one way or the other.  But they didn’t go back to that for the final scene.  Instead, we get a surprise at the hospital.  I wonder how that final scene is going to play into the rest of the season.

United We Fall – In search of a new sitcom, I decided to give this one a try.  I’m not completely sold yet.  It feels a bit too frenzied.  The writers need to give us and the characters time to take a breath and the characters to act like real people occasionally.  Still, it was very funny and pretty relatable.  I definitely plan to keep watching.

Killer Camp – Mystery show with a slasher twist?  Of course I’m in.  That is hokey as could be.  Almost painful to watch at times.  But I will be back to see how it plays out.  I just hope the person who “died” first was in on it from the start.  I’d hate for someone to leave before it all really started.

Cannonball (7/16) – I suspected who was going to win as soon they let us know what he would do with the money.  My third episode and I’m already predicting the show.  Still, I was already rooting for him, and he was impressive.  Actually, all of them were, especially in the semi-finals.  I couldn’t believe how close they all got to the target.

Holey Moley – So many incredible puts this time.  And several close calls, too.  It’s hard to believe we didn’t have a hole in one this week.

Don’t – That’s the latest they’ve introduced the Don’t Push button.  Makes it rather hard for the family to pick a perfect game to use it on.  They were doing well at the final challenge until suddenly they went downhill.  Three in a row right, three in a row wrong.

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