Saturday, July 4, 2020

July 4th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Hollywood Game Night – I’m not a fan of the Chrissley’s show.  Honestly, the previews bothered me.  They weren’t very good at the games.  Not that I’d do any better, as you know from my commentary each week.  But wow, the bonus game was very well played.

Press Your Luck – What different luck people had.  One person Wammyed out of the same while the guy who won did it without hitting a Wammy ever.  And what a great set of prizes he won.  That was spectacular.

Match Game – I haven’t seen very many ties on the new Match Game.  For the record, I was thinking Picture Book.  The second winner matched everyone (such an easy second question) but then didn’t get any matches in the bonus game.  That’s rare, too.  Usually, you at least match the first-round part somewhere.

The Titan Games – I knew the rock climber would win the first challenge, although that was closer than I thought it would be.  I wasn’t surprised with the women’s Mt. Olympus challenge.  The men’s challenge was very close.  The reigning champ is not giving it up without a fight.  I wonder how long they give them between the contests and Mt. Olympus.  I hope they have enough time to rest and recover, especially if they have an epic challenge.  Otherwise, it really isn’t fair with the reigning champ being fresh while the others are worn out.

StarGirl – I wasn’t that surprised they made the mean girl a villain.  Honestly, it kind of seems like all the kids we’ve met are related to the villains.  That’s going to be hard when the fight gets out in the open.  And that just might happen soon thanks to someone yelling Courtney’s name as he was searching for her.  But seriously, can we take it seriously and train already?  I’m kind of tired of the predictable back and forth.

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