Monday, February 20, 2023

Disney Pin Review: Dumbo the Flying Elephant - Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction #8 - 2022 Release

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Nice nods to Dumbo in Mickey’s outfit
Cons: Tie ins could be a little stronger
The Bottom Line:
A circus Mickey
Pays tribute to Dumbo ride
Some good elements

And in This Ring, We Have Mickey!

When you stop and think about some of the classic Disney Park attractions, you realize how simple they are.  But Disney has made them magic.  A perfect example is Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  It’s essentially a carousel which lifts you off the ground.  Yet it’s one that every kid wants to ride for the sense of flying.  And Mickey makes it a visit in the Mickey Mouse the Main Attraction series.

This month’s pin features Mickey decked out in reds and blues.  He’s wearing a circus master outfit with a blue jacket and red shorts.  He’s also got a hat on his head in a pin on pin element.  There are gold accents on the hat, and the feather on his hat is gold as well.  In a nod to Dumbo, Mickey’s ears are lighter than normal – they are gray.

There are some nice Dumbo elements here.  I’m not completely sure that I would make the connection if I didn’t already know this was Dumbo, however.  The elements are subtle.  The circus master costume is what you notice first, and the reds and blues.

This isn’t to say that I don’t like the pin.  When you know what Mickey is enjoying, the elements make perfect sense.  And it’s hard to capture the attraction in one pin of one outfit.

Fans of the attraction will definitely appreciate Mickey’s nod to Dumbo the Flying Elephant.  This is a fun entry in the pin series.

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