Saturday, February 18, 2023

February 18th's Weekly TV Thoughts

Night Court – Okay, it’s beginning to feel like they are trying too hard.  I guess I was just so desperate for a new comedy to enjoy I was blind to it early on.  Or they had more time to truly polish those original few episodes.  Why is creating a truly good sitcom so hard these days?

Will Trent – That was the best episode so far.  Was it because I decided to give the show a chance through the end of the first season?  Was it because it was actually good?  Was it because it wasn’t so strange?  It still definitely had the darker elements.  I am thinking I will finish out the season since we are probably about half way through at this point.  I’ll probably drop it after that, but we will see how I am feeling after it ends.  And when the new season would start up (assuming it gets renewed).

The Flash – Part of me gets it, we still have the actress on the show.  But Caitlin is gone?  Just like that?  Sorry, but that’s not a good ending for the character.  Especially since she died off screen/between seasons.  And I used to like rooting for Mark (something about the name), but I’m not going to like where he goes this season, I can tell.  I am curious why they made him a regular this year since Frost is gone.  Clearly they have something in mind for him.

Special Forces: World’s Toughest Test – That was a hard episode for a couple of reasons, and I fast forwarded through parts of it.  Two more down, one for medical reasons.  And the letters home?  I’m committed to sticking it out at this point, but I’m hoping the ending is soon.  It has to be with only four people left.  I wasn’t paying attention to which day it was, which would also tell me.

Lingo – I was rooting for the team that won all along.  I really liked both of them.  I was happy with how close both games were.  Both teams in the first half were excellent.  It really could have gone either way.

Animal Control – I thought I’d give this new show a shot.  Figured it could be funny.  Nope, it was painful.  Yes, I did make it all the way through, but I almost turned it off half way.  A few jokes worked, but not enough.  I know I used to give a show a couple of episodes to hook me, but this one definitely doesn’t deserve a second chance.

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  1. I've been wondering about Animal Control. The clips don't look good, but I like Joel McHale. I think you just saved me 30 mins of pain! Thanks!


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