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Ornament Review: Firefighter Snoopy - Spotlight on Snoopy #12 - 2009 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 3 out of 5
Pros: Good detail; a little sense of fun
Cons: Feels like an excuse to make the series last longer
The Bottom Line:
The details are fine
But I feel like it's just draggin'
The series out more

This Ornament Isn't All Wet.  But It's Close

With each passing year, I feel like they are scrapping the barrel of ideas for the Spotlight on Snoopy series.  It's gone from the fun of wondering what they will come up with next to indifference.  (Yet I keep buying them.  Stupid collector instinct.)  2009's ornament, Firefighter Snoopy, is another example of why.

I certainly can't fault the ornament on detail.  It is basically three sections joined together.  In the middle, holding them all together, is Snoopy.  He's dressed in a traditional firefighter uniform consisting of a jacket and boots.  On his head is a red fireman's hat with the numbers 09 on it, representing the year of first release.  To his left is a fire hydrant on the second section.  A hose is connected to it, going around Snoopy's back.  He's holding it on his right side aiming it in front of him and a few water drops are coming out.

Under the hose is Woodstock.  He's holding an umbrella, so the water coming out of the hose isn't actually falling on him.  He is standing in a puddle of water, with that puddle making up the third section to the ornament.

Since these sections are all level with each other, this ornament is very stable and sits perfectly flat.  Underneath the fire hydrant, you'll find 2009 for the release year and 12 in a Christmas tree for the number of the ornament in the series.

The brass hook is pretty small on this one.  It's located on the front brim of Snoopy's hat.  The ornament is a little back heavy, which isn't too surprising when you look at how it is constructed, but you won't really notice how it tilts most of the time.

The ornament feels pretty solid.  Not let little kids play with it and bang it around solid, but solid enough to survive quite a few accidental drops with out being worse for wear.

So what's my problem with the ornament?  When the series started, it was recreating classic Snoopy personas from Peanuts.  I got a kick out of seeing them on my tree every year.  Now they are either just dressing up Snoopy or digging so deep into the strip that only the most dedicated fans would get the reference.  I certainly don't remember Snoopy ever playing fireman.  It leaves me ambivalent about the ornament.  Yes, I bought it and will put it on my tree.  But when I start running out of room, this will be one of the first to stay in the box every year.

Honestly, I think it's time to bring the series to an end.  We haven't had Snoopy playing tennis, golf, or baseball yet.  Those would be fun.  But let's think about ending it before things drag on even more.  We're at twelve already.  Surely another few years would make a good run for the series.

But that's how I feel about the series as a whole right now.  I honestly can't work up too much loathing for Firefighter Snoopy in particular.  It looks nice, but it just feels like a way to artificially prolong the life of the Spotlight on Snoopy series.

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Original Price: $12.50

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