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Ornament Review: Wonder Woman - 2009 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 4 out of 5
Pros: Beautiful looking ornament that captures this great super hero.
Cons: Small balance issue and the seam in the cape.
The Bottom Line:
There are some small flaws
Seam in the cape and tilts right
Still a classic look

The Amazing Amazon is Ready for Your Tree

When it comes to super heroes, there is one that stands out to me.  I fell in love with Wonder Woman when I caught some episodes of the old Lynda Carter TV show as a kid.  While I don't have too many super hero ornaments, getting the 2009 Wonder Woman offering from Hallmark was a no brainer.

This is Wonder Woman at her classic best (not the updated costume they've just announced, fortunately).  She is standing straight and tall in her traditional costume of yellow and red swimsuit with a blue and white star base and a W across the front in the pattern.  Her bullet reflecting bracelets are on her wrists, and in her right hand is her golden lasso of truth (aka gold thread).  She's even got a red cape with a blue and white star border flowing out behind her.  Her black hair is so dark is has some blue in it.  And on her feet are her famous red and white boots.

This ornament is beautiful to look at with one unfortunately exception.  There is a seam line in the middle of Wonder Woman's cape.  In the light, it is pretty noticeable, although in a dimly lit room while hanging on a tree, you don't notice it much.

This ornament can pretty much only be displayed on a Christmas tree.  The feet are spread apart at a weird angle, meaning that she can't stand on her own.  The small brass hook is just to the left of Wonder Woman's head.  When you insert a hook into the ornament, you'll find she tips ever so slightly to the right, the direction her cape billows.  It seems that just provides a little more weight than they could compensate for.

This ornament was a stand alone ornament released last year; it does have copyright information hidden on the back, however.

It's funny when you look at Hallmark's line that some characters pop up every year (sometimes more than once), while others only show up ever few years.  This is the first real Wonder Woman ornament they've done since 1996, and this one is much better because Wonder Woman has a very natural, pleasant looking face.  As I mentioned earlier, this is a classic looking pose.  Even the ornament looks powerful and ready for action.  I fear for any super villain ornaments you might have on the tree.

The balance and seam knock a star of the ornament, but overall, it's very nice.  Wonder Woman will be taking a permanent spot on my tree.

Original Price: $15.00

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