Thursday, May 30, 2013

Ornament Review: Run, Toto, Run! - 2010 Hallmark Ornament

Stars: 5 out of 5
Pros: Cute design perfect for Wizard of Oz fans
Cons: Limited, so sold out quickly
The Bottom Line:
Toto is so cute
Oz fans will definitely
Want him on their tree

Run, Toto!  You Make a Perfect Limited Edition Ornament!

Hallmark knows how to appeal to so many different collectors.  They've got their cute ornaments and Christmassy ornaments.  Then they've got their licensed property lines.  And just when you think they can't get you any more, they introduce a limited edition ornament you just have to have.  That's the case with Run, Toto, Run!  This limited edition piece was snapped up pretty quickly by Wizard of Oz fans across the country after it came out in July of 2010.

This ornament captures Dorothy's faithful dog Toto during a pivotal moment in the movie.  During the fight with the guards outside the Wicked Witch of the West's castle, Toto grabs one of the tassels worn by the guards.  Here's he's running away with that tassel in his mouth.

We actually have Toto in mid-stride here.  Three of his paws are on the ground, while one is in mid-air.  Even with his one paw in the air, he's still pretty stable on his feet, although a big bump could knock him over.

The ornament itself is mostly a chocolate brown.  It is covered in ridges, giving the ornament great texture.  There are lighter highlights all over, making the fur seem very real even if it is just plastic.  He's got black circles for his eyes and nose.  Even with something in his mouth, his face has such expression.  He really does seem to be looking right at you.

The only real color is the red tassel in his mouth.  It's made from thin yarn.  When you first take it out of the box, it's a bit unruly, but it's fairly easy to smooth it back into place.

The small brass hook for hanging the ornament is right in the middle of his back.  He hangs perfectly level, too.

As I mentioned, this was a limited edition ornament.  I'm not sure how many were produced, but it was one of the first to sell out when Hallmark premiered their 2010 line in July.  With how cute it really is (you can fall in love with him based just on his eyes), I have a feeling this will become sought after by even the more casual Oz collectors who may have missed it.

While this ornament is cute enough to appeal to the casual ornament collector, anyone who loves The Wizard of Oz will absolutely love it.  I have a feeling that Run, Toto, Run! will quickly become a well deserved collector's item.

Original Price: 14.95

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